Teresa & Joe Giudice Ordered To Keep Business Finances Separate

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As the post sentencing dust settles, and Joe and Teresa Giudice begin to adjust to their newly decided future, some interesting details from the decision are beginning to emerge. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star and her husband were recently sentenced to federal prison for numerous counts of fraud, and according to court documents, there are some detailed directions that the judge expects to be followed. 


The judge has ordered Joe and Teresa’s business accounts to be kept completely separate. So checks from Bravo, cookbook sales, bar swill royalties, and appearance fees have to be in one account…and whatever the heck Joe does to make money has to be in another. In addition, the Giudices have been ordered to pay over $400,000 in restitution. Teresa has been forbidden to pay Joe’s debt and vice versa. Joe might need an extra gallon of wine, AND a Xanax to swallow that one.  

Another detail that has been reported is that “anonymous letters and phone calls from the public in regards to sentencing” were not considered by the judge. I found the need to report this nugget utterly ridiculous…but I suppose that the glaringly obvious needed to be stated. Can you imagine Judge Salas reading the transcripts of ranting “Housewives” viewers?
That is your laugh for the day, folks…have fun imagining THAT visual.


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