Amber & Jim Marchese on Watch What Happens Live

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Amber and Jim Marchese appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” last night for an interview with host, Andy Cohen. The couple addressed the meltdown in Florida, drama with cast members and Twitter backlash.

Host, Andy Cohen wasted no time and jumped right in by telling Jim, he received thousands of tweets asking him to tell Jim that he’s a douchebag.  Jim responded:

“I’m responding to what people say to me. Listen Andy, I take it as a compliment, anybody who’s going to take time to send out so much hate and disgust to me it’s like another form of love.”

Andy Cohen shows Jim Marchese a clip reel of some not-so-nice things his RHONJ castmates have said about him behind his back, he gets 30 seconds to respond!


The“Let’s Play Nice,” game was played next. Andy Cohen asked Jim Marchese to say one nice thing about several of his co-stars and some of his comments were very interesting.


When asked by a caller if either of them regret being on RHONJ. They responded:


One more caller asked Amber about her first RHONJ Reunion experience and Amber called it a “purging” experience.

Andy took another call, the caller questioned Jim about the falling out of his friendship with former BFF Bobby Ciasulli.  Here’s what Jim had to say:

“He’s never apologized to Amber for what occurred. That’s the biggest rub with me right now. Regardless of what has transpired between us, the way to my heart is through my wife. It’s very simple and he knew something was going to happen. Regardless of what he knew, he knew something was going to happen and he owed it to her to give us a heads up. After it happened he simply should have apologized and that’s it.”

The couple looked great, seemed to be having fun with the show, and expressed they had no regrets about their Bravo experience.


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