Nene Leakes Supports Teresa Giudice After Sentencing “I Hurt for Teresa”

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As Joe and Teresa Giudice live out their last couple of months in blissful married freedom,  well wishes and support continue to dribble in from Teresa’s sister “Housewives,” and Nene Leakes is the latest Housewife to share her thoughts. The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, and her husband Joe were recently sentenced to prison time for multiple counts of fraud, and Teresa is set to change her address first, beginning January 5. Nene Leakes, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member, shared that her heart is breaking for Teresa

“I probably felt the same way about Teresa as I did about Apollo [Nida], because he just left from our cast to go to prison, so he had to turn himself in,” she tells E! News. “Just being apart of that is so, like, you know—you have to think, I did not think my life would take me these places, or around these people. You form a connection with these people, and you like them.”
Nene needs to remember that hobnobbing with criminals is part of the Bravo job description…she might a well keep her eyes open for the next ones, who are bound to surface.
“I just hurt for Teresa,” she continues, “and I hurt for Apollo and I hurt for Phaedra [Parks]. It’s sad. They’re good people. I know they broke the law, but they’re still good people. It’s so hurtful.”
Nene’s son Bryson has had his fair share of brushes with the law, and my guess would be that he was on her mind as she reflected on a family being split up due to bad life decisions.  She also expressed empathy for the Giudice girls, explaining that she grew up without a mother, and shared her thoughts on the only innocent ones in the Giudice home.
 “I didn’t grow up with my mom and when I think about a kid growing up without their mom, it drives me insane. For their mom to be away, it’s going to be tough for her girls.” 
I think that is a sentiment we can all agree on.  


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