Surreal Moments From Teresa And Joe Giudice’s “Watch What Happens Live” Interview Part 2

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The felon chat continues, as the second part of “Real Housewives of New Jersey couple,” Joe and Teresa Giudice post sentencing interview with Andy Cohen aired Thursday night. There was nothing earth shattering revealed, however Cohen did dig in and ask some hard-hitting questions targeting Teresa’s past claims that her “Housewives” position invited more public scrutiny, and therefore unfairly portrayed the scope of her criminal activities. He also took obvious offense to her past allegations that the show was scripted. Andy asked:

“In court papers you claimed the show is scripted. What did you mean?”

Teresa responded:

“Meaning there are editors on the show. There are producers.”

Andy, quickly barked:

“Were you told to flip the table?  Were you told to fight with Melissa or Joe?” 

Andy is the Superhero of Bravo, and we better not forget it. Teresa promises that those days are over and then begins her repetitive chant that she is misunderstood, she has grown, her table flippin’ days are in her past, and that everything is about her daughters.

Joe starts in with his  grumblings of “I dunnos” and “whatevers.” Their undisclosed assets are discussed and Teresa pleads ignorance as usual.

Andy’s eyes are continuously darting, and he looks incredulous during much of the exchange.

Andy Cohen

Andy approaches the possibility of Joe’s deportation, and also the death of Joe’s father.

“I’d do 10 years just to see him again,” Joe proclaims, in regard to  his prison sentence, and his dad’s death. “That’s nice,” Andy says.


The consensus with the couple is that everything happens for a reason, and that being booted to Italy wouldn’t be the worst thing in the life of a couple released felons. Joe shares some nice thoughts about his dad, and Andy musters up some compassion for his loss. Joe responded:

“I’m going to worry about that when the time comes.”

Andy questioned Joe about his attorney’s claims that he has a drinking problem. Joe’s attorneys tried to get him sentenced to rehab for alcoholism.

“Before we started this ‘Real Housewives’ stuff I think I only used to drink on the weekend. Now I drink every day. I might have a little problem — I’m not gonna lie,”  Joe says. It’s like sucking a bottle of milk.. it’s like nothing. It’s either that or I got to take a pill and I don’t want to take a pill.”
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Andy asks Teresa if she heard from any of her cast mates. Teresa answers, only Dina…oh and Amber, oh and Jacqueline, however Teresa passed on reading her text.

Andy asked Joe about his upcoming hearing on identity fraud charges later this month. Joe obtained a drivers license using his brother’s ID. Teresa quickly told Joe “Don’t answer that!”

Their convictions have “killed everything,” Joe says of their various business ventures. Are we suppose to feel sorry for these two?

Andy posed a question to the couple, if they had not appeared on the RHONJ, would they be going to jail. Both refused to answer that question. Teresa went on to deny deny deny that had her make-up and hair done for sentencing day but slipped up when she said, I have to have my make-up look good for court.

When asked, if Joe feels guilty for everything, he responds:

“I do but, at the same time —  what am I going to do?”

Asked how it feels to know his actions resulted in his wife becoming a convicted felon and future jail bird, Joe responded, “Obviously not good.”

The couple end the interview with a few partying words and a peculiar lip lock. 

Joe: “I just want to apologize I got you into this mess and I don’t even know what else to say. If I could take it all back I would. But I can’t. I tried to do whatever I could to keep her out of the hoosegow, but I had no control over that.”


Teresa: “I want to apologize to people out there that I let down and want to say I’m deeply sorry for what I’ve done.”


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