Nicole Napolitano Addresses Bobby Ciasulli’s Verbal Abuse In Florida

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If there’s one thing worse than embarrassing yourself, it’s feeling someone else’s embarrassment even more acutely than your own. That’s how I felt watching Bobby Ciasulli, boyfriend to Nicole Napolitano degrade and demean her on national television.

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During the Florida trip, Bobby became infuriated after Jim Marchese complimented Nicole. Bobby ran off and barricaded himself in the bathroom. Nicole took off after her man and was met with belittling and hurtful words, Bobby threatened ”If you ever do that again….I’ll LEAVE YOU,” followed by, “You’re stupid, you’re stupid….you’re SO STUPID!” Ouch!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Nicole Napolitano is finally addressing Bobby’s “verbally abusive” behavior. In her Bravo blog, she describes it as “hurtful” and “damaging.” She expressed sadness and disappointment in her boyfriend’s treatment towards her and her twin sister, TereeSSa Aprea.

“There is no excuse on this planet for a man to talk to a woman and use the word “stupid.” It was totally unacceptable! Yes, of course Bobby apologized, but for all the woman reading this blog, I feel verbal abuse can be just as hurtful and damaging as physical abuse. I’m a firm believer that words are extremely powerful and can lift a person up or destroy a person’s spirit.”

The incident seems to have had a profound and lasting effect on Nicole, she expressed difficulty blogging about the Florida episodes. Nicole wrote,

“These past two weeks the episodes in Florida were not easy to write about. As a matter of fact I’m going to make this extremely brief, because it was too upsetting to watch and comment on”

Nicole also addressed the blatant disrespect Bobby showed her sister that night,

“I did not appreciate Bobby leaving me downstairs, but most importantly, he should have opened the door for my sister when she came knocking. She was there without her husband, and he should have shown her respect by opening up the door.”  


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