Teresa Giudice Can’t Play Dumb Anymore – Plea Agreement Revealed!

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When Joe and Teresa Giudice sat down with Andy Cohen after being sentenced to prison for numerous counts of fraud, viewers had varied expectations. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star was sentenced to fifteen months, and Joe was sentenced to three and a half years in federal prison, with Teresa reporting first, on January 5th.

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Part one of the Bravo interview was highly anticipated, and many viewers were holding out hope that criminal responsibility would be taken, and that clear admission of guilt, and even some genuine remorse would be expressed. If you listened carefully between the mumbles and the “whatevers,” Joe did come through with some grumbling admissions of guilt, however, Teresa failed miserably.  She only admitted to repeatedly not reading what she had signed because of her “trustworthy” nature, and shockingly even claimed a lack of understanding that potential prison time was a core part of the plea deal that she agreed to.  So not only does Teresa need a literacy test, but apparently so do her lawyers, advisers, and strategists. Hear that Wendy? When the subject of the prison sentence portion of the deal was approached by Cohen, Teresa pleaded ignorance mixed with shock.

“I didn’t understand that part. I don’t know, I thought my lawyer was going to fight for me, that’s what lawyers do. That’s why you hire an attorney, you put it in their hands. I’ve always followed their direction, I’m not trying to hide anything.”

The plea agreement is only twelve pages, and is littered with phrases such as Teresa Giudice understands, Teresa Giudice agrees to, and Teresa Giudice acknowledges. Teresa, as well as her attorneys would have had to have been blindfolded to not understand the nuts and bolts of the agreement.

Tre Giudice Plea section

I believe that Teresa’s coping strategy was to cover her eyes and ears, (lalalalalala) while dumping inwardly lazy and unrealistic expectations on her attorneys to weasel her out of prison time.  I wish she would just SAY that, instead of falling on the same, tired, slow intellect excuse.  No one is claiming that Teresa is bright, however she shouldn’t even be allowed to sign a cookbook with the dumb as rocks defense she is expecting us to believe.  Her advisers should inform her that her public is demanding honesty…and she should give it to them.



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