Jacqueline Laurita Exposes Text Messages Proving Dina Manzo Tried To Turn The RHONJ Cast Against Her

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It looks like Miss Zen or Bust, Dina Manzo is at it again, and it appears as if she has gained some cohorts along the way. Just one day after “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star’s niece and makeup artist, Ashlee Holmes, called her out for allegedly sabotaging her work during a RHONJ reunion gig, more tea is being spilled revealing Dina’s behind the scenes manipulation.  

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Dina has been tirelessly working to keep fellow cast member, and sister in law, Jacqueline Laurita shut out the ‘Housewives’ loop, and twins Nicole and TereSSa are now being exposed as players in Dina’s game. It all went down on Twitter when Jacqueline shared a text from Nicole, who revealed that Dina did indeed target her to join the ‘Freeze Out Jacqueline Club.’ The tweet captioned, “I don’t lie. Nicole DID tell me that in person(among other things) then said she’d clear it up at reunion, & text me,” along with the following photo of the text message from Nicole.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.09.38 PM

This was after Nicole’s twin sister TereSSa denied that any such information had come from Nicole. While Dina apparently remarked to Nicole that Jacqueline was ‘crazy’, Jacqueline’s story is staying consistent, and Dina is the one emerging as the manipulative scoundrel here. Not lookin’ so zen, Dina! Unfortunately for the twins…they are being exposed as liars right along with her. TereSSa declared she and her sister’s position when responding to a follower on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.47.16 PM

Jim Marchese was the first to accuse Dina of working to sway the cast against Jacqueline, and predicted that she was probably up to no good. Jim told RumorFix back at the beginning of the season that Dina had already approached him and his wife with a deal to freeze Jacqueline out, with the promise of tipping off the couple with any potential drama involving them.
 “Dina attempted to make a similar pact with us. We declined, which explains her venom toward me so early on in the season. It’s logical she did that with everyone.”
Apparently the twins were on Dina’s list next, and unlike the Marchese’s, it appears that they chose to take the bait. “Crazy” Jacqueline isn’t looking so crazy after all!


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