Blind Item: Mom Pleads With Her Dangerously Spoiled Child

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[Blind Gossip] This TV Star and her husband are both famous. Her child/ren are becoming known as well. She and her family live the good life, full of every imaginable luxury.

However, underneath the veneer of beauty and luxury, it’s not quite as pretty. Mom is realizing that one her kids is not just spoiled… but dangerously out of control. After going through the child’s car and making some shocking discoveries, she sent them an impassioned email, begging them to get their act together. We’ve edited it for brevity and anonymity:

“I am really in tears and really scared. Who are you? What were you thinking? You have literally turned into a spoiled, unthankful, unthoughtful, careless human being that is lucky to be alive.

[I went through your car.] What an eye-opening experience to find it littered with beer cans, bottles of vodka, bottles of Aderall, Vyvanse, rolling papers, and dirty underwear. I have honestly never seen anything like it.

Was your life that terrible at home? I am at loss for words. You need to do some serious soul searching to see how you got where you are and then get on your knees and thank god for still being alive!!!

How can someone as kind, beautiful and smart as you end up in this kind of a mess? I have really failed as a mother and that is just the honest truth. How did I trust you were ok? Am I that stupid and naive? Or are you that good of a liar? WHY? What have I done to deserve this? I am so freaked out. How are you going to survive?

Why am I even working my ass off to get you in a beautiful apartment if you can not even keep your car clean? Is that how you are going to trash your home? If your car looks like the way you feel about yourself you really need professional help. I thought that together we were going to be able to work through this but now I am not sure anymore if I have the tools to help you unless you are really understanding what this has come to. I need answers and explanations.

Start writing and tell me what is going on inside of you because I need to understand. Where are you at and what are you going to do to change? Maybe you should see how real people live in order to appreciate the extraordinary life you have lived. I love you so much but if you could feel the pain I feel right now you would fall to the floor.

I just don’t understand how little respect for life you have and how little you understand about how delicate it is. I know you know right from wrong, I know you know how to live a clean and conscious life because you saw me live it. I am not asking you to be perfect but I am asking you to respect the life I have given you. There is nobody and nothing more important for me to see you thrive and be happy.

You have so much to give and you are such a bright light. I literally can not live without you. I beg you to please change your life. If you love me and [other family members], you should think about how you conduct yourself. Do you want [sibling] to take the same chances you have taken? Would you want [sibling] to drive around with a car like you left behind? Are you an example of the life you want [sibling] to live? I cleaned your car and destroyed all the evidence of a chaos you created that I am ashamed off and truly hope to never see again. Life in my home has changed forever.”

Do you think this email will be effective in getting this child to change?

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