Teresa Giudice Post Prison Sentence Interview on “Watch What Happens Live’

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Future jailbirds and “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars, Teresa & Joe Giudice sat down with Andy Cohen for a one-on-one interview on Watch What Happens Live” tonight.

Right away I noticed the hoity-toity smug expression was completely missing from Teresa’s face. Joe was his usual, happy-go-lucky self. 

Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in prison and Joe was sentenced to 3.5 years on October 2. Now that their fates have been determined by a federal court, the couple opened up about how the news has changed their lives. 


Although it’s difficult to muster up empathy for the Giudices, you’d have to be cold as ice not to feel bad for the couple’s four daughters. In their one-on-one interview, Teresa told Andy Cohen how her eldest daughter, Gia 13, is trying to “be strong” for her mother in light of the sentencing news.

“I’ll help daddy with the girls. That’ll prepare me for when I’m a mom.”

Teresa added:

“Today, I got a phone call from the guidance counselor, and she told me she met with Gia. Everyone’s been great, the school’s family and friends, and the school said they spoke to her. They’re going to take her out of gym period once a week and just talk to her. And see how she’s doing. She likes that idea. The one person she’s worried about, she said, was me.”

The main topic was their prison sentences. Proving they’ve learned no lessons, both Teresa and Joe continued to lie during their interview, claiming they had no idea signing the plea agreement could lead to prison time. seeming to place the brunt of the blame on their attorneys:

“I didn’t understand that part. I don’t know, I thought my lawyer was going to fight for me, that’s what lawyers do. That’s why you hire an attorney, you put it in their hands. I’ve always followed their direction, I’m not trying to hide anything.”

When Andy Cohen asked about their reactions immediately following the sentencing, Joe said,

“I was devastated. I felt like I got hit in the back of the neck.”

Teresa said:

“I was so nervous yesterday that I was shaking,” Teresa tells Andy. “My nerves were pulling. At one point I couldn’t even move my fingers. They were stuck. My nerves were shot. I’ve had sleepless nights. Of course, I was shocked. Like, I was like, you know, it was very unexpected. I don’t even know what to say.”

She went on to stress how concerned she is for her daughters and leaving them:

“I’m frightened, scared. I mean I can’t even imagine not being there for them, they need me,” she said. “They need their mom. It’s not the same with a father, a mom is a mom.”

When asked how Teresa became involved with bank fraud, Andy hammered “you had fake W2’s,” Joe responded:

“They (the bank) were handing me the paperwork, whatever the papers were. She had better credit, she has never been to a closing. Basically I would get the paperwork, sign it and it would be done.”

Andy commented on Teresa carrying a $3,000 bag while house hunting and the backlash from viewers. Thank you Andy Cohen for calling Teresa out for flossing in such an expensive bag on national TV.

Joe chimed in that his suit cost $250 and asked Andy how much does his suit cost. Andy, sharply responded, “I paid my taxes for this suit I’m wearing.” Boom! Uh…..Andy can have a $5000 suit if he wants because he’s not scamming other people to get it.

Teresa Giudice onWWHL

Teresa claimed a lot of the things the judge said really hit home and really bothered her:

“I’m just going to take it and become a better person.”

Andy asked Teresa whether or not she’s been living in denial, she responded:

“I do need to read things before I sign them. I do need to understand things before I sign them. I’m a trustworthy person. Sometimes I take what other people say and I believe them and I trust them. I can’t do that anymore. I’ve got to make sure I fully understand something or read it or find a lawyer, like a contract lawyer, that can help me.”

They’re still not taking ownership for their crimes and continue to lie and deflect at every turn. Stay tuned for part two airing on Thursday, October 9th.


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