Jacqueline Laurita Says She Has No Interest In A Friendship With Teresa Giudice

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Jacqueline Laurita is all over the reality map lately. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” alumna was brought back by Bravo mid season, to supposedly boost the struggling franchise’s ratings. This has been quite a head scratcher, since all we have seen her do is talk to friend Kathy, and husband Chris about her unrequited extensions of support toward her ex gal pal, and convicted felon cast mate, Teresa Giudice. The last three weeks have shown Jacqueline relaying heartfelt texts, lamenting, sniffling, and constantly vowing that she will be there no matter what, if Teresa ever needs her.  Of course, this was before the October 2nd sentencing.

Apparently, Jacqueline has had a dramatic change of heart as evidenced by a tweet she posted today.

Jac's Tweet

This dramatic shift in attitude has made me question what in the world Jacqueline’s deal really is. Is she a felon’s forever and faithful friend or just an empathetic onlooker? There’s also the kooky Caroline sidekick character that she is trying to sell on the new Manzo show. It seems to me that she is struggling to find a shtick that works, and it is making her look disingenuous. I say shift gears, dump the felon, and stick with what she’s gotten a running start with on the last couple of episodes. Downsizing! Smaller, cheaper, and honest is where it’s AT…and it seems to have become quite the passion for Jacqueline, as well as for hubby, Chris. How about ‘Saving Made Sexy’? I have found some cute ideas to give her a jump start.

1. Recycled dryer lint makes sweet smelling and cushy throw pillows.

2. Used up wine corks (we know that you have plenty of those!) can be assembled into a myriad of patterns to make a useful bulletin board.

3. Did you know that budget toilet paper and glue can be made into a nifty clay?…either for the kids, or for a cheap but sexy ‘Ghost’ reenactment date night idea.

I just would like to see Jacqueline stick to one position on something, so I can believe that she is actually portraying a shred of who she really is.  As for now, I just can’t keep up.


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