Exclusive: Bobby Ciasulli’s Contract With Jim Marchese EXPOSED!

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There’s a never ending feud going on between Jim Marchese and Bobby Ciasulli.

The stars of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” ignited their ongoing feud again last week when Jim Marchese tweeted a portion of a contract he claims Bobby signed giving him rights to a percentage of Bobby’s earnings generated from the show. The contract also indemnifies Marchese of any legal action that may arise as a result of the show.

Jim tweeted, “First page & signature page…who wants more? #wannabefamous #RHONJ,” along with the following photo:

Jim Tweet #1

The implosion of former BFFs, Marchese and Ciasulli’s relationship has been an ongoing storyline on the Bravo series. Jim claims Bobby jeopardized his job assisting the US Attorney’s office on mortgage fraud cases. Bobby communicated info Jim shared with him in confidence about a conflict of interest associating with the Giudices (who at the time were indicted on mortgage fraud). Bobby knew Jim’s livelihood, was at stake and not associating with the Giudice’s and Gorga’s was not personal.

Bobby Ciasulli is heir to the billion dollar Ciasulli Auto Mall Group which his father owns. Bobby is employed as General Manager for his father’s company so being a trust fund baby might make it a little difficult to sympathize with Jim’s position. Jim told All About The Tea exclusively:

“We’ve known each other over 10 years. It’s definitely a hard thing. I know it was Bobby’s desire to be famous, the show didn’t do it. He made a choice that he needed a storyline and he sacrificed our friendship to get there. It’s bad but it’s not incredibly shocking to me his desire to be famous is his 1st, 2nd and 3rd priority and that’s what he did.”

According to Marchese, he’s responsible for getting Bobby and the twins cast on the RHONJ. Jim explained that he acted as a “talent broker” for Bobby and the twins. Bobby and the twins signed a contract with Jim first, then he presented their bios and headshots to Sirens Media on their behalf.

“Amber and I got contacted by a casting company, she [Amber] gets offered the job first, then they asked her to bring in 3 to 4 other women. We interviewed 8 women. They end up picking the twins.”

After Jim tweeted a snippet of the contract , Bobby responded by accusing Jim of lying: 

Bobbys Tweet 1

Bobby tweet 2

Below are excerpts from the contract between the former friends:

1.  Page 3 [paragraph 5] – Sellers (Jim Marchese) brought project to Buyer (Bobby Ciasulli) and the buyer agrees to waive all civil lawsuits against Jim.

Jim Bobby contract


2.  Page 1 [paragraph a (1)] Jim Marchese has rights over Bobby for any future show he does with Bravo or any network

Jim Bobby contract 2


3.  Page 3 [paragraph 4] Sellers (Jim Marchese) has rights to non-circumvent (meaningBobby Ciasulli cannot get paid unless Jim Marchese does)

Jim Bobby Contract 3


4.  Non-defamation clause Paragraph 5  (meaning the Buyer Bobby Ciasulli agrees that Jim Marchese brought the RHONJ show to Bobby. Also Bobby agrees not to harm the Marchese’s reputation publicly or privately)

Jim Bobby Contract 4


Note: Bobby allegedly initialed all pages of the contract


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