RHONJ Sneak Peek: The Marchese’s Arrive In Florida & We Have Exclusive Tea About Tonight’s Episode

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The trip to Florida continues as the brewing tension between Jim, Bobby, and Dina come to a head. Meanwhile in New Jersey, Teresa Giudice struggles with how to respond to Jacqueline’s texts, and Rosie’s love life hits rocky waters.


After Amber’s inconclusive test result comes back negative, the Marchese’s decide to join the group in Florida. However, there’s still tension between old friends, Bobby and the twins. All About The Tea has exclusively learned details of tonight’s episode and it’s a DOOZY!


Here’s what happens……

Before the Marchese’s arrive, there’s much chatter about them between Bobby, the Gorga’s and the twins. When the Marchese’s arrive, you can cut the tension with a knife. Jim and Amber greet everyone. The twins and Melissa respond cordially but Bobby and Joe Gorga are standoffish. Before Jim and Amber could settle in, the drama erupts. Things take an unexpected turn when Jim confronts Nicole Napolitano about the sincerity of her boyfriend (Bobby).


Supposedly, Bobby gets mad at the twins for engaging JimBobby then starts an argument with Jim and all HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!

TereSSa joins the fight and hurls demeaning insults at Jim:

“You’re not rich, you have a mortgage,” adding “Rino is smarter”

The attack on Jim heats up when TereSSa throws his kids into the mix:

“You’re a shitty lawyer, you don’t have custody of your kids!” 

She then attacks Jim’s manhood:

“Rino is more of a man than YOU!”

Jim, never the one to keep his mouth shut, hits TereSSa with a blow to the GUT:

“You’re right he’s more man than me…..I could NEVER f*ck your mother”

After that BLOW to the GUT! The twins go NUTS!!!!!

Everyone in the room is stunned and speechless. The twins go BAT SH*T CRAZY and rip off their mics and run into the middle of the highway screaming!

It’s a total “Chernobyl meltdown,” says my source.

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Tune into Bravo tonight for the epic episode at 7/8c.

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