Utopia Recap: A New Newtopian Arrives [Episode 7]

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We have a new Newtopian! His name is Ernesto and he’s from California. He’s met with lots of love from Hex! Everyone gathers to know about him! He quickly says his name, where he’s from and Bella quickly claims her territory. Like an animal peeing on its house to make sure everyone knows they live there! Ok no time to dwell on the Newtopian, it’s time to make more money!


Day 2 of “The Utopian Experience” is open for business and Josh has an admirer! He wanted “to keep her.” Luckily for him, she’s hot! Ernesto is rather confused by all these outsiders!! Aaron kind of gives Ernesto the low down on the other pioneers, while visitors are running around. One of the visitors asks Rob how he feels about the newest edition to Utopia, and he says it’s weird because they have become a family. Overall, a good turnout for their second day!


Once the visitors have left, Amanda calls a meeting! They’ve been rotating leadership, and it’s her turn to run Utopia! She announces if there is any conflict within the group, Rob, Dedecker, and herself will be the impartial party. There are still leaders of the different areas Bri will be in charge of the barn, Bella the garden, and Josh the construction. Red, however isn’t happy with this. He tells Nikki he’s tired of being treated like he’s stupid! He talked with “mamabear” Amanda and offered to take over the barn duties, but she didn’t listen. Nikki tells him for a long time he refused to be a team player, and Red isn’t havin’ any of that talk. Red gets frustrated and walks away to go smoke.

So, the evening comes and Mike does a count of the money and the weekend brought them $2800. Rob stands up and says they haven’t given Ernesto time to introduce himself. He says his real name and tells the group his wife passed away a few years ago, and he came to Utopia for a fresh start and turn over a new leaf. He has a very positive outlook on Utopia, more than some of the others like Red.

Red says he’s surrounded by idiots. They should be getting up early to do chores, not sleeping in. (Hello Bri) Red says he has knowledge on everything and anything! The other Utopians don’t want to work with him. They want him to go home. Josh and Rob agree, Red has to go ASAP. I say hell no Red makes good TV!

The pioneers settle in for the night. Hex and Taylor are cuddling. Soon Rob, Dedecker, and Kristen join them. The topic of discussion- what donuts they prefer! (Fun Fact-Rob loves his donuts! He orders them every time there’s a food order placed) Taylor wants to become Bonnie and Clyde with Hex and rob the food. I’d say they’re a rather hungry bunch!

Back to the Red topic because why not? He’s very entertaining! He gets up before dawn and purposely makes noise with his cowboy boots and slams the barn door. Amanda gets up and asks him if he has a problem. He says “consideration is a 2 way street.” Amanda is pissed! She walks off talking to herself. Literally. “Consideration is a 2 way street…everyone has to suffer because of one person. Stupid!” Red says he’s fed up with the way he’s being treated! He’s considering succession. He asks Mike if he’s join him. “Rice and Beans revolution” Mike says he wants to do it the right way. If there is one! Later on, Amanda, Rob, and Mike try to clarify his intentions. Red claims he was “suckered” into rejoining the group after Dave left. Rob says “No one suckers Red.” Yeah gotta agree with that one.


Ernesto has settled in nicely, and Bella sits down and gets to know the newest pioneer. Ernesto’s wife died of a heart attack. She was the love of his life, and they were together 17 years. He avoided dealing with it, but being in Utopia makes him take the time to deal with it. Bella thanks him for sharing with her. He also installs the water filter for Bella, and she’s jumping for joy!

Now comes the juicy part! Mike reads a note! They will nominate 2 people for elimination. The third person will be voted on by America. In a week, the pioneers will vote, and a pioneer will leave Utopia forever. Immediately the talk turns to who’s going to vote for who and who will America vote for? Rob campaigns to get rid of Red. He talks about Red not being a team player, and everytime he doesn’t like something, he leads some kind of revolution and it’s not fair to the group. He uses the chickens for an example. Not what I would do, but whatever!

The Utopians can do business with outsiders, and a local bee keeper thinks they can do some business, but Nikki doesn’t want to do business, she wants to do the bee keeper himself! So, anyways the bee keeper wants to keep some of hives in Utopia, in exchange for parting with half his honey, and half his wax. They vote yes! They’re making more and more business deals, and it’s looking good for them. Later on, Hex gives Nikki advice. Go get what you want!

The next venture Kristen and Hex come up with is an online auction. They go ask the men what their stats, body type, eyes, and their favorite pick up line! It’s hilarious.

Josh and Bella become closer everyday, and the other Utopians think it’s gross. Bella scratches Josh’s back and they make googly eyes at eachother! It’s adorable to the viewers, because Josh is the only one who can actually handle Bella.

At dinner, Amanda clarifies with the group what Red’s succession from the group means. He buys his own food, and if he falls on hard times, he’s on his own.

Bella has been in charge of the garden from day 1. She asks Taylor to help her pull the hose, but Taylor is rather rude and refuses. Hex volunteers, but Bella goes back to Taylor trying to clarify she needed the help and he was rude to her. Taylor doesn’t take it well and says she’s the rudest person there. Bella has a full blown meltdown, but Taylor mocks her. Taylor and Hex talk about who they are going to vote, and of course Taylor is voting for Bella.

Amanda gives everyone a chance to run the different areas, so get the speeches ready! It’s an election! Bri continues to be in charge of the barn, Josh continues to be in charge of construction. Hex gives her speech on why she should take charge of the garden. Bella walks out. She’s very upset. She no longer has a role. She does share some gardening tips with Ernesto that really makes zero sense.

The episode ends with Taylor and Hex sneaking off and “taking their relationship to the next level.”

On Tuesday’s episode we’ll find out who’s up for elimination, and new edition joins Utopia!

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