Nicole Napolitano Explains Why She’s So Against Saying “Shut Up”

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It’s Friday everybody! As all of you AATT readers know, laughter through extreme disgust is our favorite shared reaction to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” trashy antics. So in the spirit of heading into the weekend, we would like to offer you a little appetizer leading into the supposed Jersey blowout in Florida, airing Sunday. Luckily, I had to look no further than Nicole Napolitano’s Bravo blog, for plenty of ridiculous material. Nicole’s sister Terehssa as well as um…other family members, are embroiled in the potential fallout of a filthy family cheating rumor that is supposed to come to a head this Sunday. Every viewer in America knows this…but Nicole has decided to make the topic of her blog her very deep seeded feelings on the phrase ‘shut up’.      

“I love my sister more than anything, but yes, we do disagree and I think I got across how strongly I feel about “shut up.” I feel words are so powerful, so we must watch our words, especially with the people we love.”  
While this goes without saying with you astute readers…DEFLECTION much?? In this case, I certainly think certain dirty actions are far more hurtful than any words could be. Of course, Nicole is not the smartest bulb in the proverbial Jersey make up mirror, but surely she knows that most of the viewers will agree that this is a lame attempt to intentionally deflect from the seedy elephant in the room. Let’s review Nicole’s classy moments from last week. They include repeatedly calling attention to her boobs, embarrassing a cringing pool boy,  as well as verbalizing her desire to pluck his nipple hairs. Ironically, my first instinct every time I heard Nicole’s nasal blather was, “SHUT UP!” Nicole needs to go back to Dunkin Donuts, and take several counter seats. 
“Regarding Dina, I could tell something was lying heavy on her heart and she wanted to tell us something. I never thought for a second she ever wanted to hurt us, but only help us. ” 
My mother actually hated the expression ‘shut up’ and disallowed it in our home. Interestingly, she also hated the word ‘liar’ and forced us all to use the term ‘storyteller’ instead. Now if you ever want to call someone out, try blasting “storyteller!” at them and you will see, it has no venom. Eventually the whole sentiment faded away in our home….my mom was a smart woman. However, these accusations were made against a backdrop of offenses such as a stolen crayon , not a potentially disgusting family secret about to be revealed to America. When the sludge hits the fan Sunday, I would be very surprised to hear anyone bellowing “BE QUIET YOU STORYTELLER!!!” I am prepared for a barrage of beeeeps….and that’s keeping optimistic. I certainly hope that Nicole’s sensitive spirit can take it.


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