Nene Leakes To Replace Joan Rivers on Fashion Police?

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With the tragic passing of Joan Rivers, the E! network has been looking for someone to fill her Louboutins on her hit show, “Fashion Police.” 

The host position for “Fashion Police” is open and the contenders may surprise you.

According to Perez Hilton, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Nene Leakes is a front-runner for the host spot. 


When I think of fashion, I think of Nene. Yes….Nene Leakes and fashion are synonymous (insert sarcastic smiley here). 


The site reports Nene Leakes is seriously being considered as a viable candidate to succeed Rivers. (As much as I’d love to see Miss Lawrence host, it ain’t gonna happen.) The site reports:

NeNe Leakes is also a frontrunner for the gig not only because she has started her own clothing line, is definitely one of Atlanta’s fashionistas, is opinionated, and has serious comedic timing, but also because E! is looking to diversify their panel with a different ethnicity.

Also being considered are Tyra Banks, Kathy GriffinLisa Lampanelli and Amy Schumer.

Whom would you like to see as the new host? Cast your votes in the comments.



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