Foreclosure #2: Another House of Teresa Giudice’s Mother-In-Law in Foreclosure & On The Auction Block

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Filomena Giudice

Another day, another….foreclosure?

The dark cloud of destitution seems to be spreading larger and larger for Filomena Giudice, mother in law of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” star, Teresa Giudice. Another Giudice property is biting the dust and is headed toward foreclosure.

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The NJPA issued a public notice earlier this month, stating that a property owned by Filomena Giudice has begun the process of foreclosure. The 580 Totowa Road residence in Totowa, New Jersey, is in Filomena‘s name alone, unlike another property soon to be up for auction that she owned with her late husband, Frank.  

Filomena Giudice, mother of Joe Giudice,  is allegedly financially struggling, and as records indicate, has a history of property foreclosures.  It certainly looks like they are beginning to stack up.

Filomena Giudice

Filomena is currently living with Joe‘s brother Pete, and his wife Sheila. While the Giudices await the October 2nd sentencing date of Joe and Teresa, it appears that supporting their financial investments is another huge problem for this family.  I guess it’s time for more downsizing, folks! On the bright side…downsizing is all the RAGE in this Housewives territory. At least Filomena will be living in something far more spacious than a 6 by 8 foot federal prison cell.  Now that’s real downsizing.


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