Utopia Recap: Welcome The Tampon Party [Episode 6]

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The Utopians have come a long way since they began almost a month ago. Josh has made the living arrangements better, Bella’s garden is coming together nicely, Red’s has calmed down since his “Utopia State of Freedom” partner left, and we now have 3 couples. Chris and Bri are on a little break, and taking it slower (yeah how long will that last,)  Mike and Dedecker seem like the odd couple and come from 2 entirely different worlds, and our newest couple, Hex and Taylor. On Friday’s episode, Hex and Taylor got into an argument while drunk, but later make up.  It seems like they seem to be getting along a lot better and revealing their secrets. Taylor tells Hex he used to be a former male escort. Ok, I think Taylor is either lying or dumb as a rock because no one would brag about that to a woman they are interested in. Hex blows it off and doesn’t believe it, and they go on cuddling and kissing in the hammock.

Meanwhile in Crazyville, Bella asks Aaron to order female feminine products when he makes the next food order. Aaron says female feminine products are “personal items.” Bella disagrees, since she’s not the only Utopian woman. She tells Aaron how disrespectful he is!  She’s very upset about Aaron not being sympathetic to women’s issues!  So, she runs along to the waterfall to bathe in peace.  While at the waterfall, Bella receives her water filter she wanted SO badly, and needed.  It was almost $170 bucks.  I have no clue what makes this water filter so expensive, but whatever Bella feels like she needs, right?  Apparently the other pioneers didn’t remember agreeing to buy the the filter, and sent it right back, not telling Bella they did so.  Mike says he’s going to try and force Bella to leave by annoying her and pushing her limits. Mike, who’s an attorney, decides to put on cereal boxes and one of those emergency blankets to inform her that she’s not getting the filter until next week, after they make some money this weekend.  Bella, who’s a nutball, doesn’t take it very well and runs off to the barn crying her little eyes out.  After Bella leaves, Amanda stands up and lets them have it.  She says Bella may be weird, but she doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap, or bullied.  After the group is done meeting, Josh goes to Rob/Aaron to advocate for Bella’s water filter. He told Rob the filter shouldn’t have gone back because the woman doesn’t ask for much.  He tells Aaron to be a bit softer with her because she’s not used to conflict and she’s just trying to stand up for herself. Aaron then finds Bella and apologizes, without saying the words “apologize or sorry” and all is well.


Last week, the pioneers experimented with Anarchy. This week, Bella is in charge and she wants to make a government run entirely run by women, and asks how the guys feel about this. None of them seem to have major issues with it. They just feel like women are more emotional and hormonal.  Rob calls it the tampon party. Later on, Bella decides to host a meeting with her new feminine government. Bella says she wants a government of harmony, peace and love. Can Bella teach our congress a thing or 2?  Meanwhile in the barn, the boys laugh…they’re enjoying peace while the girls are busy with their meeting. Hex proposes that everyone have 2 responsibilities, a major and a minor.  A major might be working in the barn and the minor working in the garden. Rob tells Aaron “This is going to fail horribly.” Bella ends the meeting with hugs all around.

Once a month, a pioneer can get a visit from friends and family. The group decides the first visitation should go to Red.  So Red prepares for his wife and son to visit. He asks Taylor to take his son fishing for a while so he can get some much needed alone time with his lady. Taylor agrees.  Red’s wife Jennifer, and son ring that bell and Red gets up and goes to the gate at lightning speed! After all the hugs and kisses go around, Red shows his family around. At Amanda’s request they tell the group how they met, and it was Jennifer who chased Red. Fun Fact- Jennifer and Red got married right after Jennifer turned 16. Then it was time for the most adorable couple’s alone time. Let’s just say we hear a lot of moaning. They finished their alone time at the water fall where Jennifer had a moment of tears because she misses her husband so badly. Red says goodbye to his family and returns to the group.

Amanda also had a visitor, her midwife. We got to hear his/her heartbeat and everything looks good! Amanda will be having a Utopian baby!

Bella calls a meeting about chores, but first she wants all the girls to compliment the men. Tears all around. Time to lay downs some rules about chores!  Dedecker calls it “m cubed.” The majors, the minors and the misc.” Everyone signs up for chores except for Red, who goes on a rant about women or something.  I have no idea what it was about.  Everyone gets up to do their chores the next morning except for princess Bri, and the other pioneers are getting fed up with her laziness.  Rob says if she can’t do her job she can go home. Red says he’s going to talk to Bri about not getting up, and Bella tells him he’s not in charge. Red goes off and has a full blown 5-year-old tantrum. Red makes good TV. Rob goes out to the lawn to have a peaceful conversation with Nikki, just venting his frustration. Bella’s way prevails and the group holds an intervention with Bri. She promises to get up early. Hex/Dedecker wait until Red calms down, and talks to him about the signs being ripped off and being more respectful and organized.

After all that is done, the pioneers get ready for “The Utopia Experience” weekend where they will welcome visitors (for money) and show them around, hold classes and have boot camp and yoga. Give Rob props because he gave a good pep talk to the group the night before. (Rob’s growing on me!) He says there are people who have time to hang out, but not to help with chores, and people need to step up. Well, Bri steps up and is out of bed at 7am. The weekend begins and lots of paying visitors pile into Utopia. The experience starts with the pioneers showing visitors around the compound. Afterwards, the visitors can choose to attend classes on different subjects, and buy art work/jewlery made by the Utopians. Overall the event was a success, and they made a lot of money! The pioneers are very proud! The night ends with a great surprise. Bella gets her water filter! She was excited and crying and everyone was happy!


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