Little People, Big World Recap: Zach’s Engagement

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Little People, Big World

Twin boys…twin engagements?  It’s Zach’s turn!  TLC’s Little People Big World opens with Zach, his girlfriend Tory, and Jacob hanging around the farm fire pit building a fire.  Zach shares about his past non experiences with girls, and how he was never pursued, until Tory came along.  He describes her as a confident girl who is comfortable in her own skin.  He shares that Tory has never cared about Zach’s size, or how other people view them. She sounds like quite the gem to me, especially at such a young age.  Matt and Amy, the eye dagger throwing champs, come barreling out to join them, and we hear the first snipey comment of the episode. We are about two minutes in.  Amy explains that she and Matt come together for what they HAVE to come together for…in other words…NOT each other. Amy announces that Jeremy is scatterbrained because he is wedding planning, has to find a place to live, and that he needs help..because his plate is SO full. WHAT?  No mention of a job yet, and THIS is too much for him?  Good luck Jeremy…hopefully Audrey can manage his oh SO full plate.  Both Amy and Matt love Tory and she does seem like a sweet girl.

Matt is yanking up giant trees by the roots to prepare the yard for Jeremy’s wedding…ripping things apart with giant machinery is his favorite, and he is enjoying himself.   However, his joy is short lived because it’s time for another Matt and Amy snipe fest…they have opposite visions, no one listens to each other, and the struggle is obnoxious and headache inducing to the viewer. TLC plays punchy music in the background, like we are supposed to find it endearing, when it’s actually depressing.  Big fail, TLC.  Prepare to be shocked…Matt is injured, and honestly, I am amazed that he isn’t in a permanent body cast by now.  He has tripped over a log and has fractured a couple of fingers. The couple squabbles again, Amy complains about Matt habitually acting like a baby through past illnesses (what man doesn’t?) and then helps him comb his hair.  Huh? I blame this dash of cryptic on wonky editing, and move on. Zach drops the bomb to his parents that he is going to propose to Tory, and the couple ask the expected questions about the decision possibly being Jeremy inspired.  Zach assures them no, and we see some cute old footage of the boys. Those were the days.

Project time…the kids are cleaning the shed and they relive childhood memories as they haul junk. They discuss what to do with the shed, and it’s a boring exchange.  We then experience a hangout sesh with Jeremy and Audrey.  They make their trademark googly eyes, talk about their future, and drink out of mason jars.  Presh, as usual. Zach is hitting the jewelry store to look at engagement rings, and he looks baffled through most of it. He makes a decision, and seems happy.  He shows Jeremy the rock, they chat about the impending engagement, and the brother love is sweet.


We witness a short scene between Matt and Molly, and it is nice to see them having alone time. Molly seems worried about the injury, and Matt is loving the the tlc coming from his only daughter.  Zach and Tory are on a dinner date, and Zach thinks the time is right to pop the question, but Tory busts it up when she recalls a romantic moment that Zach can’t remember…well not everyone can be the perfect Prince Charming that his twin brother is.  We love you, Zach!

Matt goes to the doc and gets a cool contraption for his hand that is enabling mobility, which makes me breathe easier.  The stupid red shed’s fate is discussed between Matt and Jeremy, and I cannot believe an outbuilding is spurring this much debate.  A peacock strolls by, and she is infinitely more interesting.  Amy and Molly are prepping for Audrey’s bridal shower and they discuss some special gifts, including a quilt that Jeremy made in the second grade and some photos transferred onto wood pieces.  Sounds perfect for Audrey, who is the spitting image of who you would imagine Mother Nature to a look like, if she actually existed.  It’s bridal shower time, and we see photos, gifts, and a game where one word is written on a note card to describe Audrey.  I detest shower games, so I am inwardly cringing. The crafty gifts and the quilt are a hit with all the gals.  We hear from Audrey’s mom, and she seems excited for the marriage and Audrey’s future with Jeremy.  Back at the farm, massive rolls of sod are being laid out, and the yard is shaping up nicely.


The day has arrived!  Zach is proposing to Tory on the farm, and he is just winging the details.  Zach decides he wants the moment to be private, which I personally LOVED, so we just see some sweet photos, and a giggly interview.  Cute!  We end this week with Zach and Tory in an engagement photo shoot, and the pictures are rustic and personal.  We hear a little more about Zach and Tory’s romance, including their first kiss, which Zach describes as an epic night under a full moon.  Awww!  The wedding is being planned for the following summer, and Matt is excited to witness both weddings unfold. Lots of new beginnings goin’ on at the Roloffs, and next week is the BIG DAY.  See you there!


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