Pimping Ain’t Easy: Teresa Giudice Pimps Her Daughter Out To Cover The Bills?

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No pesky, life changing, sentencing date is going to hold the Giudices down! As the ominous October 2nd date creeps closer and closer, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, is wasting no time in shoving her thirteen year old daughter’s career forward.

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Teresa announced via Instagram, that Gia has embarked on a singing career, as one third of an all girl group called 3KT. In a post released Sunday evening, Gia is performing in a revealing getup that includes a mini skirt and knee high leather boots. In true, tacky momager form, Teresa explains that the group has just wrapped their first music video shoot, and that she is one proud and happy mama. Her post captioned:

 “So proud of my baby Gia and her new girl singing group @3ktofficial follow them from @3ktofficial with@repostapp — Our first music video shoot!! Thank you to all who came out and took part of this amazing day!!”


This group looks like a junior, wannabe Pussycat Dolls, and that is NOT a compliment. Teresa’s Instagram followers had mixed reactions, with some expressing concern over the inappropriate attire. I think inappropriate is an understatement. Can I just reiterate that Gia is THIRTEEN years old! Gia, along with other members, Alexa, and Christianna, make up 3KT, and the video is slated to be released next month. I shudder to think of Joe watching it from the Big House…with all of his cell buddies joining in. I wonder how proud the couple will be then.


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