Saturday Funnies: Apollo & Juicy Run For The Border

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Apollo & Juicy On The Run…..


And so Juicy’s and Apollo’s journey begins!….

at the sentencing date-2


Our two luvbable felons didn’t plan the escape too well…

oie_overlay (5)

juicy's a good driver


They Tried and they Tried...

ZqhvnX1KNOtE (1)


TILL FINALLY Juicy asked for directions!

run to the border


BUT wouldn’t you know it!  Apollo just had to go home to 

see Fraudra about getting money on his books.
That’s when all Hell breaks Loose!!!!!

he had to come by


Once again our 2 luvbable felons are in troubles!

Baby-Police-Chase-Juicy n Apollo-2-captions


Looks like Fraudra knew where Apollo’s extra stash was!

RLmQIswpRBWA-all mine


AND Tre ain’t so cash poor either, it looks like!


Don’t despair! For our 2 luvable felons are happy somewhere over some border!

weirdphotos-A n J-2


Remember them fondly!



*Content for comedic purposes only. Not intended to be taken seriously*


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