Nobody Cares News: Dina Manzo Is Looking For Attention Again!

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Dina Manzo is calling foul on Bravo for a implementing a supposed audio voice over while saying good bye to her assistant Luke on a recent episode of “The Real  Housewives of New Jersey.

All About The Real Housewives reports that Dina challenged her Twitter followers to rewatch the scene endlessly to nail down the three magic words that she claimed never left her mouth through a tweet. Apparently there are actually fans with tons of patience and lots of time on their hands, and one especially perceptive follower guessed “Caroline and Jacqueline.” GASP!!!  Dina claims that these three words were added to the scene by Bravo, but she actually spoke them back in the first season of the show.

Dina tweets

We are supposed to assume that Bravo did this to create drama, where there is none.  First of all, Bravo working to create drama with editing is nothing new, and has been going on since day one of the “Housewives.” Nothing new or shocking there. However, Dina has worked overtime to seemingly conceal family issues, and has also allegedly worked to freeze Jacqueline out from filming with the other women in  the cast. So WHO is really raising the questions and creating drama? She also forgets that she is a big zen bore, and it’s unlikely that anyone even caught the alleged voice over. After all, even her Twitter followers discovered uncovering the scandalous three words a challenge.

Jacqueline Laurita

Sorry Dina, no one cares.


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