Hot Tea Alert: Amber Marchese Fires Back At Teresa Aprea In Her Bravo Blog

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Though Victoria Gotti was the one who exposed the nasty rumor about Rino Aprea bonking his mother-in-law, Teresa Aprea is displacing the blame on her costars, including Amber Marchese. All this finger pointing is causing quite the stir, leaving her castmates confounded and defending themselves.

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On the last episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” we saw Amber’s emotional reaction upon hearing that her cancer may have returned.

“Hearing the word, “inconclusive” brought me right back to when I was first diagnosed. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had just put my 6-month-old and 18-month-old down for a nap, the older guys were in school. My doctor called and I was alone. He told me to sit down and then relayed to me that I had invasive carcinoma.”

She’s now addressing claims made by the twins, that she holds a degree of culpability for the affair rumor spreading. Amber took to her Bravo blog to defend herself:

“I read Nicole and Teresa’s blogs and see what they tweet about me. It is clear that they have made up their minds that no matter what, whether their thoughts are logical or illogical, they will displace their anger and frustrations onto me. It is a classic textbook definition of displacement, “aggressing against a substitute target because aggressive acts against the source of the frustration are inhibited by fear or lack of access” (Kassin, Fein, Markus, 2008). I believe they are displacing their anger at Victoria Gotti and other potential factors could be a possibility in this entire scenario.”
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On Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo’s involvement:

“I can’t control others’ actions, however, I can control mine. I am completely confident that I handled the information that Vicitoria Gotti said to me in the most appropriate manner. Call it a chess move. In my mind, whether I was set up to take the fall or not, I had to deal with the situation. I had to make a move. I was told this information, so I made a conscious decision to put Teresa on notice that I thought it was all weird and I am not saying one word to any of the girls. What Teresa and now Dina do with this information is up to them. I firmly stood my ground on that and kept to my word. However, I do not believe the twins should be taking it up with anyone but Victoria Gotti and TereSSA’s husband, Rino. They especially need to stop misdirecting their aggressions towards me. I got ganged up on at a “party” over something that was true, here this rumor was crazy, weird, and I was not going anywhere near this one. NOWHERE. Nor was I at a comfortable point with TereSSA or Nicole to have a discussion about what Victoria Gotti said, moreover, since Victoria is Teresa’s friend, it was not my place to say anything. Follow me?”



“I am not sure why Teresa told Dina in the manner that she did. She of all people knew that I was nothing more than an ear to what HER friend was telling me. Furthermore, I had already made it unequivocally clear that I was not saying a damn word to anyone. I took the risk to tell her at the party to make sure we were in agreement, so I am not sure of her intentions. I do know from past conversations that we have had, that she was burned many times before, even by people she loved dearly. I am not making excuses for Teresa, however, I do have an understanding of what she’s been through. However, it is me she is distrusting, so I have to defend myself, and honestly there is nothing to really defend. I tapped out of this situation, now how others handle it is it up to them. Remember, I can only control my actions, not the actions and behavior of others.”


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