Utopia Recap: Utopiyoga Anyone? [Episode 4]

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The pioneers are proving great drama and entertainment. Are you hooked like I am? Let’s jump right in.

Where we last left off Rhonda and Kristen gave their speeches on why they should stay in Utopia. Rhonda basically said because she’s a leader, and Kristen because she’s really good with marketing. They step outside and the other pioneers start talking about who should stay and who should go. They all agree Rhonda would’ve been awesome when they first began because they needed guidance and leadership, but now they need someone who can help them make money. So, because Kristen is a former business owner and had a successful business, they keep her. Rhonda, you have now been voted out of Utopia. Goodbye! She says her goodbyes and leaves.

The pioneers are running low on cash. They started out at five thousand dollars, but they only have a little over three thousand left after buying items like food, a refrigerator, a stove, a water filter, tools, and a rooster. The rooster arrived after Bri negotiated a price with Lefty the farmer, $15.00. So Lefty delivers the rooster, and has a look around. He’s very interested in Bella’s garden, and advocates for a chicken tractor. (I finally Googled what that was) She asked for some backup on that. He said the more the chickens were out to wonder, the less food they have to buy and they’ll be happier, healthier, and will lay better eggs. He also talked to them about the different methods of gardening. He warns them the gardening isn’t enough. They need to think about six months from now when the temperatures drop into the 30’s.

“Mom-to-be” Amanda decides to call a business meeting because they need to start thinking of business ideas to produce income. Pastor John had a camping idea. Charge people to camp out for a night. Josh came up with a Hillbilly survival class taught by Red. Hex volunteered to make jewelry out of wire, twine, rope, or a chain. Now, bear with me and don’t fall over laughing. Bella, the nutcase, said she’s been putting rocks in the garden they can sell so people can use them as headstones for their dead pets. Then everyone starts laughing! Let’s face it, we all were laughing because she’s just so out there and all over the place. Nikki came up with “Utopiyoga” which is yoga. Everyone votes, and “Utopiyoga” is a go. Josh throws in a taco flavored taco booth (joking of course.) Bella asks Josh if she gets the first kiss. Bella is still dreaming Josh will love her. Take a seat Bella, Josh won’t be kissing you anytime soon.

Pastor John hurt his hand playing baseball with the boys. He blew it off as a sprain at first, but the x-rays came in, and John has to get surgery and won’t be able to return to Utopia for 6-8 weeks. He struggled with the decision to stay or go because he doesn’t think his mission of spreading God’s message is over. John made a decision and addresses the group. He says there has been some tough times for him, and struggles, but he found the key to his Utopia, the Kingdom of God. Everything will work out if you keep that in mind. He then breaks the news, he has to leave Utopia because he has to get surgery. He doesn’t know if it’s a forever goodbye, but he has to be gone 6-8 weeks. He talks about people he’s helped get in touch with God like Dave. (Ok we went over that last week. I don’t buy Dave coming back only to be baptized.) He says Dave got a fresh start. He was even if it was one of Pastor’s toughest cases. Maybe that was his purpose in going to Utopia. Pastor John then starts giving Red hygiene products he has to leave behind like toilet paper and soap. The pastor also gave red his little sleeping spot in the barn. Red and the others talk about how much they’re going to miss Pastor. Hex says Pastor was like her dad. Rob talks to Pastor with tears in his eyes to let him know how much he has meant to him. It was an emotional moment.

The next morning, Pastor packs up, and his wife comes to pick him up. A few of his fellow pioneers escort him to the front, and Pastor’s wife Wendy gives him a big hug and tells him how much she’s missed him. Right before he left, he told Amanda to keep the faith, and he was gone (For now.)

Not long after Pastor John left, Bella starts moving her stuff where Pastor use to sleep. Apparently no one informed the others Red already claimed it. Red comes back into the barn and tells Bella he’s already claimed the spot. He’s told everyone it’s his! Bella disagrees, and of course in true Utopia fashion, they start arguing. Bella starts walking away, and the hot head can’t keep himself together. He starts throwing Bella’s stuff around while telling her “to get the f—k outta here.”

Hex and Kristen are in the barn milking the cow when Bella comes out and lets all the chickens out. Hex makes a comment to Kristen about needing more than one person over there with her. Hex then notices some of the chicken’s eating cow crap. Hex was pissed and had a little hissy fit calling Bella an idiot. Red calls Bella “crazier than a dadburn fruitcake.” Again, Red with the one-liners just make the show more awesome.

What is this Utopiyoga? Well Nikki giving yoga classes. So, they Pioneers get ready for their first even gladly expecting a lot of people. 1 guy comes. Ben, and it’s mainly because he’s a fan. 40 bucks. So the pioneers show Ben around, and start yoga with a few people, like Josh, joining in. Later, they have another business meeting, and sarcasm aside, they get excited.

Let me acknowledge this Burlesque Show put on by the guys. I’m really glad Josh and Mike are comfortable wearing women’s clothing. I was falling over laughing so hard.

More drama on Friday. Bri and Chris over? Well, that was fast. Are you Team Chris or Team Bri?


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