Melissa Gorga Accused of Returning Worn Clothes

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RHONJ - Melissa Gorga


Allegedly, Melissa Gorga isn’t quite rolling in the cash the way she wants us all to believe. A sales reps from Neiman Marcus got a BIG surprise while watching the Christmas episode of “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Star Magazine reports that the reps processed a return of a $695 Haute Hippie top for Gorga, only to later see her wearing it on the show.

“The girls were watching the Christmas episode, and Melissa comes in wearing the top!” a source tells Star. “She wore it out to dinner on camera and brought it back two days later!”

The reps reported Melissa to their bosses, but no action has been taken yet.

Below is a photo of Melissa wearing the top in episode 2 at the Cousins Christmas dinner (on the left) and a model wearing the top (on the right):


I plan to watch this particular rerun with a critical eye…will there be a tiny corner of a tag sticking out at the collar? Maybe an inadvertent twitch or scratch from a pesky plastic fastener?  While I have briefly entertained the idea of pulling this off, the thought has been fleeting…mainly because it’s ummm…STEALING, as well as tacky, trashy, and smacks of being a poser.  What am I saying? This IS a housewife from the Jersey franchise.  It all makes sense.  There is one bright spot in this embarrassing story…Melissa has surely made her convicted felon sister in law, Teresa, proud!


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