Little People, Big World Recap: Don’t Rain On Our Parade

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Little People, Big World

This week on “Little People, Big World” begins with Jeremy and Audrey discussing the details of their upcoming wedding. Their googly eyed exchanges are wearing a little thin with me, but they are so darn cute, I am patient with listening to them banter about invitations, color schemes, blah, blah. Audrey always looks as though she just skipped out of a sunflower field, and Jeremy actually looks interested in the details, which does impress me a little.

Next, the STAR of the episode for me…Molly is back! She has been in Costa Rica for four months and she is now home! She is happy to see the family and the beauty of the farm.  We are treated to landscape scenes of the property just drenched in wildflowers, and wow! How gorgeous! Molly has grown into a beautiful young woman. How GREAT is it to see a young lady her age, not jammed into clothing two sizes too small, spilling out of her top, and plastered with make up? She is beautiful and secure with simply who she is, and it is wonderful to see. She expresses excitement and a little sadness that she missed the engagement, but is excited to be a bridesmaid. She shares that when she gets married, she would be up for the event being held at the farm, because it’s a free venue. Again I say, I LOVE this girl.

Next we see Matt and Zach plowing the pumpkin field while Matt brings us up to date with the importance of the Roloff pumpkin business. We see cute flashback footage of the kids driving and riding in the tractors, and it is sweet. Matt and Zach share a nice exchange about their mutual desire to keep the farm in the family for generations. I can see Zach as the natural one to take it over, and I hope it happens. Matt wants to work hard to attract more people to the farm to generate income, in hopes of securing that dream. The couple have a business meeting to brainstorm ideas, and Amy wants to participate in the Starlight Parade, an annual Portland event that features floats decorated with lights. Matt is reluctant, but agrees when he hears that 400,000 people actually come to the event. There is a snipey moment between Matt and Amy, but possibly because of some sympathetic editors, it is mercifully short.

We see the potential beginning of the float take shape, and Matt almost crushes Amy during a gigantic wire pumpkin maneuver. WHOOPSIE!  Amy makes it out alive, and they all decide to scrap Plan A. Matt’s wheels are turning to Plan B, and that is always a potentially scary thing. They have 12 days until the parade, so they call in old friend, Sven, for some necessary pumpkin genius inspiration. They decide to order a huge pumpkin balloon for the back of the float, but it is up to the family to pull off all of the trimmings. The family meets and comes up with a plan. Matt announces that the objective is promotion, agony, and pain, NOT fun, which I personally loved…Amy, not so much.  However, she admits that Matt’s ideas are great, and they set to work. Here we go!! Everyone pitches in, and it’s great to see them all come together and have fun with the project.  It rains, but they persevere and come up with some really cool details to bring the float to life.

We take a break for a wedding food tasting, and I wish I was with them!  It is being held at a local catering company, and it all looked delish. They presented ideas pulled from Audrey’s family’s cookbook, and I especially liked the idea of grilled peaches. YUM!! Amy shares how much she loves Audrey, who is still rocking the icky green nail polish from the last episode.

Amy heads out of town for a speaking engagement, and Matt is mildly peeved that she’s leaving, but she assures him that she will be back in time. We then meet Zach’s girlfriend, Tory, over a catch up lunch with Molly. She is adorable, and seems to fit in with the family just perfectly.

Back to the float project, and UH OH…the Roloff logo on the ordered balloon is mistakenly spelled Roroff. Matt’s ingenuity and Molly’s art skills come to the rescue, and the problem is solved.  They transport the whole shebang to the staging area downtown, and it is stressful, but they make it without getting pulled over by the cops, which was the objective.  They frantically work to assemble the pumpkin patch extravaganza, add lights, and the end result is quite fabulous.  They are worried about Amy not making it on time, but she arrives, and hops aboard. Their number assignment is 79, so the wait to get moving is over an hour.  When it’s finally time to go, the tractor won’t start, they all panic, and Tory makes a face that is the highlight of the episode for me….GO Tory!  Jeremy quickly finds the problem, and they were able to take off. The float looks amazing, the family is waving to all of their adoring fans, and Jacob is perched on a bale of hay with a girl on his lap…WAIT, WHAT?? Rewind!  I quickly Google to discover that Jake is 17…so I guess it’s okay??  That feels weird, but the parade is lovely and the event looks fun.   The group later meets in Matt’s office to learn that the float has won 1st place as a local small business…YAY!  Job well done, Roloff Family!  The final scene is the family painting their little church, and I ask you…do these family projects never end?  I am not complaining though, because this episode was much less tense with marriage stress, and I am thankful!  It doesn’t look like we will be as lucky next week, but I’ll take what I can get!  See you next week!


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