Jersey Belle Recap: The Primaks Don’t Need Fine Ass China [Episode 7]

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On this week’s episode, Jaime and Luci are at a café discussing the baby-mama drama. She is still not returning texts or phone calls. Last Jaime heard, baby-mama had scheduled the abortion. Jaime is contemplating a trip to New Orleans to figure things out. But first, her family is coming from New Jersey to Mountain Brook for Thanksgiving. Jaime is also inviting Luci since she will be all alone.

Jaime drives over to Luci’s house because Luci’s ex wants her back and Jaime doesn’t want Luci to get back together with him. Luci says she won’t, but Jaime finds texts on Luci’s cell phone that suggest otherwise. Jaime recommends that Luci go out with Michael’s younger brother, Brian. Apparently they’ve been flirting for three plus years so just replace one shiny object with another.

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Michael and Jaime go to lunch to discuss the adoption option. Michael is not on board with the adoption just yet. He wants to discuss having their own, even though it requires a vasectomy reversal. She feels that this baby is 150% their child. They visit Jaime’s doctor to discuss the risks. During Jaime’s 3rd pregnancy she was bed-ridden due to previa placenta. The doctor tells Michael and Jaime that “it seems likely” she’ll have complications. He lists bed-rest, preterm labor, and bleeding as a few of the possible outcomes. The doctor then tells Michael that not all reversals work. And if this weren’t enough bad news, the doctor advises the couple that many adoptions go badly. The two leave depressed.


We see quick glance of Arden getting ready for her upcoming gallery showing. Her photos are of horses. Many people thought she would quit photography when she became Mrs. Upton. Really? Maybe if she worked at Starbuck’s, sure why not, but quit photography? Isn’t that like saying, now that I’m married I’m going to quit my job making jewelry?

Jaime’s mother-in-law arrives to decorate the house for Thanksgiving even though Jaime didn’t ask her to. The MIL will not be there for Thanksgiving with Jaime’s family. Now that might be a show! They briefly talk about Jaime’s desire for another child, however, MIL’s cavalier attitude probably only makes Jaime want to move to Jersey more. But the table looks good, even though Jaime’s family will totally know she didn’t do it.

Mom and Grandma are first to arrive. Grandma wants Italian peppers, but knows she won’t find them there because there are no Italians in Alabama. Mom wants wine and she wants it now. When Jaime tells her mom about the plight of the 4th child, her mother informs her that she never experienced one problem or sick day during her entire four pregnancies. Way to go, Mom! Way to make your daughter feel bad about her body.


While Jaime entertains family, Luci attends Arden’s showing. The horse pics range from $800 to $6,000 with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. The black and white, horse-braid photo is cool. Mama-Lou, William’s grandmother, shows up. No word if she purchased anything.

It’s Thanksgiving and all of the Primak’s are together. Sisters Meredith and Carolyn and hottie brother David are there. Michael is out of his comfort zone with all of the loud voices and demonstrative feelings. He asks if there’s anything he can help with before he leaves to play golf. This does not go over well with Jaime’s mom and she lets him know, Jersey style. In front of her mother, Jaime agrees, but when she walks Michael to the door she wants to leave with him.

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Luci is packing up her china to take to Jaime’s house when there is a knock on her door. It’s Shelby, Jaime’s hair and make-up stylist. He’s there to change Luci’s football helmet hair into something better so she’ll look her best to see Brian. Afterwards her hair looks pretty much the same, but straighter. But she is single and ready to mingle.

When Luci arrives at Jaime’s house, mom wants nothing to do with her fine china. That’s not how they do it in Jersey, she says. What do they do? Paper plates with turkey’s on them? Jaime’s mom is doing an excellent job of making others feel inadequate. But that’s when The Miracle of Thanksgiving occurred—Luci stood up for herself! Jaime listened to Luci’s disappointment and made an executive decision that they were going to use the china!

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Dinner goes well until the end when the in-laws start telling the little ones to tell their daddy they want to move to New Jersey. Michael does not look pleased. And then more bad news this episode, Jaime gets a text that Brian is unable to stop by and say hi to Luci. All that hard work for nil. The black cloud continues to follow Luci.

Later they celebrate Charlie’s 3rd birthday with cake, presents, and her first haircut. Jaime’s family leaves and tears ensue.

Tune in next week for the season finale and to see if everything wraps up with a neat bow around a monogrammed towel.

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