Teresa Giudice Spends Thousands On Beauty Treatments Despite Owing $13.4 Million

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Despite pleading guilty to numerous felony charges, Teresa Giudice just “love…love…love” to live it up lavishly. You would think the bankrupt housewife would scale back in preparation for prison and paying back creditors back but instead she’s out spending more!

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According to OK Magazine, the felonious reality star, is spending THOUSANDS on Botox, fillers and laser treatments. Huh? She spends thousands on cosmetic treatments and still looks like that? Yikes!


On March 4th, the couple pled guilty to a litany of felony charges; wire fraud, mail fraud, loan application fraud and perjury. The couple stole over $5 million from numerous banks. However, in spite of their legal drama, Teresa and Joe continue to live lavishly, splurging on luxury vacations, expensive gifts and extracurricular activities for their kids.

How is it possible in America, a person can owe $13.4 million, defraud $5 million from banks yet spend without a care in the world? I wonder how her innocent victims like the contractors she stiffed and the fertility clinic (who helped her conceive her 4th daughter) feel.

Teresa’s Crisis Manager, Wendy Feldman, says Teresa “sometimes” receives complimentary beauty treatments. However, a source tells OK Mag a different story:

“She’s spending nearly $5,000 every three to four months,” adding that while it appears Teresa’s upkeep frenzy is preparation for time without lasers, in reality she’s blissfully unconcerned about going to jail. “She’s been telling everybody, ‘They’re not sending me,’ ” says the source. “She’s in total denial.”

Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice, pled guilty to wire fraud, mail fraud, loan application fraud and perjury. The couple stole over $5 million from numerous banks. The couple are awaiting sentencing on October 2. Joe Giudice faces a recommended sentence of 37 to 46 months, while Teresa Giudice faces up to 27 months or the possibility of house arrest.


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