Sonja Morgan Drunk In The Streets of New York – Kissing Random People!

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Somebody needs a Xaaaanax!

Real Housewives of New York” star Sonja Morgan had a few too many at a recent fashion week event. TMZ is reporting she let loose her legendary drunk alter ego on the streets of NYC.

Lady Morgan attended a NYC Fashion Week party that seemingly had free drinks flowing all night because Sonja’s drunken tirade spilled out onto the streets of NYC.

On the video, a supposedly drunk Sonja is seen kissing random people. She tried to kiss a woman who scoffed at her advances then she deep throats some random man. Yikes!

Sonja Morgan

This isn’t the first time Sonja’s gone on a bender. On the recent season six of the RHONY, she’s shown drunk as a skunk in a few scenes.

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