Honoring 9/11 – Never Forget

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 10:29am by Editor


September 11, 2014 marks the 13th anniversary of the nation’s tragedy.

Thirteen years ago the world stood in shock as the 9-11 attacks on the United States of America took place.

All About The Tea would like to take this opportunity to honor the victims, survivors, police officers and firefighters who were part of that tragic day in our nation.


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  • Wendy Owen

    A shout up to Dave Brady, the kids I used to go froggin’ with back in the day. R.I.P.

    • nan/4

      May Dave Brady Rest in Peace, Wendy. I’m so sorry for your loss.

      • Wendy Owen

        thx, Nan. I hate today.

        • nan/4

          It will be etched onto our collective memories all of our days. To have personally known someone who perished, my heart hurts for you. Wendy. My thoughts and prayers are with you my dear.

          • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

            You are so kind and loving!

        • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

          With deepest wishes, I know that Dave Brady walks beside you especially on this day.
          Our thoughts and prayers for all who were thrust into such grief for those loved ones they can no longer can physically touch. But don’t forget, their spirit is still strong and just a thought away.

    • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

      Wendy I am so sorry for your loss. May his soul rest in peace.

    • I’m sorry Wendy. May he RIP.

  • nan/4

    Dear God…. May the precious souls who lost their lives Rest in Peace, and may their loved ones find peace in their hearts. May this become a national day of mourning. Amen.

    • Amen. This is beautiful, Nan.

      • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

        Oh my, Yes it certainly is.

    • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

      Bless your Sweet Heart and Spirit Nan.

  • distressed

    “O beautiful for patriot dream

    That sees beyond the years

    Thine alabaster cities gleam

    Undimmed by human tears!”

    – America. A Poem for July 4. (1893, source wiki)

  • Birdie11

    The horror as well as the heroism of this day will never be forgotten. May God bless and give peace to all of the loved ones left behind, and may God bless America.

  • nan/4

    To the Editor: Thank-you for posting this beautiful remembrance.

    • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

      Truly, it was wonderful wasn’t it Nan…!

      • nan/4

        Yes it was. AAtT has the perfect combination of lots of heart and honest feelings, mixed with a good supply of snark. The editor, and the writers and, of course…..it goes without saying (but I’ll do it anyway) the outstandingly brilliant posters..ahem….make this a truly wonderful place to be.

        It is a sign of the utmost respect for those who perished on that fateful day, and the friends and family that they left behind, to dedicate this thread in their honor.

        I hope that you have a wonderful day today Tre’s!

        • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

          ;-)’s right back Atcha!

  • 9/11 is personal for me so I’ll always remember. #NeverForget

    • nan/4

      I’m so sorry Doc. My thoughts are with you as we mourn for those who lost their lives, and the loved ones they left behind. #NeverForget.

    • Tre’s a Convicted Felon


    • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

      I am so sorry. Thoughts & prayers to you Doc.

  • twifan2

    Least we not forget those after 9-11 too!
    Bretagne. This heroic girl is the last living service dog who was sent to ground zero.

    • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

      Bless the unfathomable amount of love our pet friends continue to share with us each day of their lives.
      Bretagne is such a Hero… wagging her tail for love!

  • MorningYawn


  • Tre’s a Convicted Felon

    What a loving and lovely commemoration for this incredible day when our country was brutally attacked and our loved ones were catapulted into a different reality.

    We are Strong… We care… We continue to Stand in order to Continue to Survive… We will always Remember with an uncomparable Love for Our Loved ones who continue to remember US.

  • ✿♡❀♡❁ Tigerlily ❁♡❀♡✿

    To all those we lost. You are not forgotten. To all those who helped I can not say thank you enough for all you have done. You truly are heroes.
    Thank you all for taking the time to let NY/PA/DC know that you care & you have not forgotten.

    • This is beautiful. Thank you.