Wendy Feldman Explains Why The Giudice’s Are Selling Their Home

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As previously reported, Joe and Teresa Giudice have put their Towaco, NJ home on the market. They have listed their 10,044 square foot home for a selling price of 3.99 million.   The listing agent, Frank Cooney of Stoneybrook Realty NJ, is excited about the listing, calling the Giudice home “gorgeous”.  I think we all could debate that for hours!

Wendy Feldman, the Giudices’ legal crisis and media manager, has weighed in on the decision. She reports that the Giudices have not begun looking for a new home yet, but have decided to list their home in an attempt to make a “fresh start.” Tap into Montville, a neighborhood news online site, quotes Feldman as commenting:

“It’s time for a change for the Giudices, They will be looking for something that is less for entertaining and more for family.”

I find this statement cryptic, and silly. I’m pretty sure Milania, and her overstuffed designer closet might have something to say about their palatial monstrosity not being about family.  Someone needs to tell Wendy and the Giudices that although it might be a bit tight for drunken gymnastics, you can entertain quite nicely in a double wide, as well as completely ignore your family.  I guess this puzzling comment is supposed to convince us that gone are the days of frivolous materialism and everything is about humble new beginnings.  I personally don’t believe it, and think they will have to pry Teresa’s cold clamped hands off the gilded tree trunk door handles, to get her out of there.  What do you think the true motive is for listing their beloved family home?


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