Couples Therapy Precap & Sneak Peek Season 5

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Couples Therapy

Beginning next Wednesday, September 10th, “Couples Therapy” with Dr. Jenn will begin Season 5 on VH1. Yay! Dr. Jenn Berman says this is the most volatile season yet. So far the biggest difference is the name change. It used to be just “Couples Therapy.” Dr. Jenn’s agent must have pulled that off, so kudos to whoever that is. However, after watching the trailers, she will definitely earn that new title this year.

Couple #1 – Jenna Jameson & John Wood

Jenna Jameson is the most famous porn star in the world, dubbed Queen of Porn. John is best known as an MMA fighter and coach. After learning their ex’s were hooking up (Amber Nicole Wood and Tito Ortiz) Jenna and John slept together consoled one other, eventually falling in love. They are on the show to discuss issues like Jenna’s aggressive and controlling nature. Case in point: Jenna and Dr. Jenn exchange a combative power play of self-insight. I’m sure John has his issues, too.

Couple #2 – Deena Cortese & Chris Buckner

Deena Cortese joined the reality show Jersey Shore in Season 3. Deena and Chris seem like they truly love each other, but Deena wishes Chris had more ambition and Chris is bothered that his girlfriend makes more money than he does. Deena isn’t obnoxious about her money, just believes sharing means caring. She is ready to get married and have kids, and wants Chris to “man up” in the relationship. There is an engagement this season and my money is on these two.

Couple #3 – Evel Dick &  Stephanie Fisher

Evel Dick Donato was the winner of season 8 Big Brother in 2007. He is the guy you love to hate and considers himself one of the biggest “douche bags” in reality television. Evel reveals something emotional to the group that he’s never spoken about publicly. Is it why he really left Season 13? Evel and Stephanie’s romance was a whirlwind and what attracted her to him in the beginning now gets on her nerves. They have technically broken up, but are there to see if they can save their relationship or if they should end it for good.

Couple #4 – Treach Criss & Cicely Evans

Treach Criss is the lead singer in the rap group Naughty By Nature and an actor. He lives in world full of temptation. He and girlfriend, Cicely, have been together for 7 years, have 2 kids (of his 6), but there is no trust in the relationship. Cicely stays home while Treach travels on business. She constantly accuses Treach of cheating, which he completely denies. Except if they were taking a break; he admits to those. They are hoping Dr. Jenn can help them repair the relationship for their entire family.

Couple #5 – Juan Pablo & Nikki

So far, Juan Pablo (said in a breathy voice)  is the most disliked bachelor in the history of “The Bachelor.” Who can forget the finale when Juan Pablo told Nikki that he liked her a lot. Every girl’s dream! Will he finally say those three words? (I’m a narcissist.) And it looks like Nikki has trouble making friends at the house. But hey, it’s great the couple have lasted this long. They are there to learn better communication, which is pretty funny considering the show will probably use some closed-captioning for Juan Pablo.

Check out a preview of tonight’s episode:

Tune in tonight for the first episode’s recap of “Couples Therapy” with Dr. Jenn

Fasten your seatbelts  – it’s going to be a wild ride!


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