Twitter Schools Senator Lesniak: Teresa Giudice is a Crook!

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They say politics make strange bedfellows. This story about Teresa Giudice “just showing up” at State Senator, Raymond Lesniak’s fundraiser last week is exactly that – strange.

Teresa attended the event with a friend despite not knowing the Senator personally. He claims that he had never heard of the reality star turned convicted felon until his guests started gossiping and paying attention to her.

Senator Lesniak told that he should have taken a selfie with Teresa because:

“Everyone was going gaga over her.” He went on to reveal “I had to admit I’ve never seen the show, but a surprising number of my friends had.”

Hmmm… his friends watch the “Real Housewives of New Jersey?” My BS radar just went way up!

Even though reports state Teresa did not attend the event to help fundraise the Senator insisted that he will be sure to invite her to all of his future fundraising events.

Shortly after this story broke Senator Lesniak got schooled on Twitter:

 Lesniak 1st tweet

Lesniak tweet 2

Lesniak tweet 4

Lesniak tweet 5

Lesniak tweet 6

Lesniak tweet 7

Lesniak has spent nearly four decades as a politician. He recently proposed a millionaire’s tax for New Jersey which would raise income tax for those earning over $350,000 a year.  He is also a huge supporter of online gambling.  He turned down an award from the Boy Scouts of America years ago because of their beliefs about homosexuals. He is a huge supporter of gay rights.

If I were a resident of New Jersey, I would be very concerned that my State Senator had no idea who Teresa Giudice was. It isn’t about watching a reality television show. This case has been all of the news – nationally and locally; in print, on the web and on TV. Am I to believe he had not heard about this case one time?

What is the REAL reason Teresa just showed up to this event? Thoughts?


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