Jersey Belle Recap: “Operation New Jersey” [Episode 6]

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We join Jaime as she’s video chatting with her New Jersey friend, Tracey. Jaime tells her that she’s bringing Luci, Danielle, and Arden to Jersey. Tracey asks, why Arden? There is tension between these two. Apparently, when they met previously, Arden held out her hand like she was royalty expecting a kiss. Tracey called Arden a bitch and Arden said she wasn’t a bitch, she was a snob. There’s a difference. 

Jaime briefly mentions that things are at a stand-still with talk of adoption and contact with baby-mamma. She is happy for the Jersey distraction. Danielle hasn’t heard from the doctor about her reproductive future, so she is also happy for the distraction, and focusing too much energy on what to pack. She thinks large hoop earrings, gold jewelry, leather jackets, and tattoos are what will fit in. 


After they land in the Garden State, Jaime drives the SUV past the industrial section of New Jersey. Arden and Luci point out that this is what they think of when they think of New Jersey. Nice. Insult your hostess, why don’t you. Jaime says she feels at peace when she’s home. Just then, another vehicle blares their horn at them. Jaime “peacefully” explains if that car does it again, she is going to hit the brakes and cause an accident. The ladies tell Jaime that the people in New Jersey honk their horns way more than the people in Alabama. 

The hotel has a spectacular view of Manhattan. Tracey and Mary surprise Jaime in her room. They are happy and hitting the vodka. Mary is ready to get it poppin. The thought of Danielle fist-pumping makes Jaime (her words) moist. Jaime tells Mary the story of when she first met Tracey at age 13 and they got into a fist fight. Good times. Tracey has the epiphany that she and Arden must be destined to be besties.

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In Danielle’s hotel room, Luci and Arden drop by to help her pick out something to wear. On the bed is a black leather jacket that Danielle bought on a whim. Arden and Luci tell her it’s not her. (What kind of friends are you? Leather is chic!) Danielle chooses a beige dress, but black shoes so she can be edgy. Danielle suggests coffee before bubbles. 

They all gather in one hotel room. Luci and Danielle are somewhat comfortable, but Arden is stiff. Mary and Tracey leave to get ready, but as the door closes, Tracey says (because they told us with closed-captions) that Arden is cold as ice. They girls regroup and go to a bar to celebrate Jaime’s birthday. We meet some Jersey friends, but the only one we’ll remember is Jaime’s brother, David. Hopefully he’ll be in the Thanksgiving episode. Arden finds everyone to be “loud and obnoxious.” Hip-hop’s Dres and Jarobi give Jaime a birthday rap. Let me hear you say, hot damn! The Alabama girls did a good job of making an effort to have a good time.

The following day, Jaime calls Tracey crying, asking if she’ll come to her room. Jaime has received a text that the baby-mamma wants to have an abortion. (Warning: slippery slope ahead.) Jaime doesn’t feel like it’s her place to tell women what to do with their bodies. Jaime calls Michael. He doesn’t want Jaime making a promise they can’t meet. He wants to explore having their own. Jaime texts the baby-mamma that she loves them both.

Arden and Danielle are hanging out in the hotel room, chatting and giggling about the night before. “Can you imagine if any of those girls would have showed up to the dinner party?” Arden asks. Yeah. A poppin good time. They agree that they both approve of Jaime’s brother.

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Upset after receiving the baby news, Jaime kidnaps Luci and takes her to look at a condo. Luci is shocked. She thought they were going shopping for souvenirs, not real estate. Tracey is with them, and for every positive comment she makes, Luci makes a negative comment. A clip is shown of Michael hanging out with the kids while Jaime is away, making plans for the zoo the next day. He tells us that he’s so happy his kids will be growing up in the south. 

At that moment, the girls are at a pizza parlor. Arden and Danielle order a cheese-less pizza. The ladies argue over where Jaime should live. After eating her fifth slice of pizza, Jaime burps. When Arden asks if Michael knows about her bad manners, Mary informs Arden that she’s gansta. Things that make you go, hmmm.

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Jaime has a treat in store for the girls. They are going to watch her get a tattoo of New Jersey on her wrist. They are shocked. Did she ask Michael? Is the ink organic? Will the needle hit a major vein? Jaime does it! And lives! But before they leave, Jaime shares a story of getting her hood pierced during her college years—and she’s not talking about cars. Everyone is horrified. Even Tracey looks a little uncomfortable. 

At the restaurant, Jaime tells Tracey and Arden to clear the air. Tracy explains that the first time they met, Arden was very cold to her. Arden doesn’t understand what this woman is talking about. Cold? Her? Why, she’s as warm and fuzzy as a prickly pear on a summer’s night. Arden explains that she has difficulty dealing with aggressive people. Tracey explains that she might be aggressive, but she isn’t confrontational. Arden admits that most of her favorite people are people she didn’t like a first. 

For their last night, Jaime is taking them to a roller jam. At the hotel, Luci points out that Jaime’s shirt is see through—to which she says, that’s the point. Arden shows up dressed like Rollergirl in the movie Boogie Nights. Everyone laughs and tells her how fun she is. Jaime realizes that she will really miss her friends if she moves back to New Jersey. It was a very Brady ending!


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