Utopia Recap: Series Premiere

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The Utopia premiere was full of drama. Where do I begin? The concept of the show is 15 people from different backgrounds are put together on a big chunk of land with limited resources to create an entirely new world. 

To start there is no “game.” There are no competitions or prizes. This is simply a social experiment lasting an entire year. First one in the gate is Hex, a huntress from Michigan followed by Dedecker, Pastor Jonathan, Bella the real estate agent and doomsday prepper, Dave the New York ex-con, Josh who describes himself as “a sexy beast,” Mike the Manhattan Attorney, Chris a chilli farmer, Bri from Southern California who was going to school to be a veterinarian, Red the hillbilly who lives off the grid, Aaron the chef and former military, Amanda who is obviously pregnant, Nikki the Dr and yoga master who says she’s into tantra and makes it very clear she’s open to practicing with one of the men in Utopia, and last but not least Rob the libertarian against big government and believes strongly about the second amendment.  


They’re first task was to condense all of the items they brought into 1 big box. They have to agree on what are necessities. They decide on bug spray, 2 sets of bows and arrows, a pan, some alcohol and because Dave threw the biggest hissy fit, they included his entire box. Dave kept talking about clown shoes etc..but he’s pretty much he’s the biggest clown based on his behavior. Dave had it tough, a mom who was a hooker, a dad he never met, but he really doesn’t understand the concept of sharing. 

After that task is complete, Josh and Red go off searching for how to hook up the electricity. They find out it ends at the front gate. Red feels bossed around, and like he knows nothing. Aaron and Pastor are back at the fire starting dinner. During dinner, Josh gets really rude. First about praying, and then when Nikki starts a meditation session. He even makes obscene gestures when Bella talks about doing hand yoga. 


Let the party begin! They take the wine, some other alcohol people brought in, and head over to the falls and lake where josh continues to get very inappropriate with Hex. As the night rolls on, Josh was being very intoxicated and obscene. He was flashing the women, and trying to kiss hex etc. Josh was being obnoxious mouthing off to the others pissing off the ex con Dave. It made good TV, but it’s going to be embarrassing for Josh if he decides to watch it.  Dave put Josh in a choke hold. They were pulled apart, and Josh was taken by security to sleep it off in the cow shed. He was very apologetic the next day, and they wanted to hold a jury trial to decide. Hex, on the other hand, drank too much and was taken by ambulance to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Hex, the atheist, had Pastor John right beside her praying and doing all that you know religious stuff. She came back later. She was ok. 

Let the court to decide Josh’s fate to begin. A lot of the women say they feel uncomfortable and scared of Josh and he should go. Rob/Aaron straight up say they want him to stay, and storm out refusing to participate. Pastor wants Josh gone. The vote was very close. Josh won by 1 vote, and was able to stick around, but he was placed on probation, must not drink for 90 days and has to stay away from Bella. Can you tell by now Bella’s a little nuts? About an hour after their meeting, Bella and Josh made up and became friends. Ok Bella has a crush on Josh, but still. Hex and Josh also made up and hugged it out, and Hex tearfully talked about second chances and how much she can relate to Josh. It was really sweet. Bella changed personalities and went from giving Josh a second chance to wanting Josh gone because he’s a sexual predator! Oh no is Josh going to hug you? 

So, let’s talk about Red. Red is the backwards hillbilly, but it’s also clear he’s a hot head. He got into it with both Aaron and Bella. He got into it with Bella because Bella said he was wasting water, but red threw a fit when she told him their resources are limited, waving the water hose around and turning up the faucet just to be an ass. Red was pissed people were drinking the tang he brought. Then he got into it with Aaron over a dead chicken. Bella found one of the chickens dead and asked if they should cook it. Aaron said no, but Red insisted its ok and started tearing the chicken apart to start cooking. When Aaron returned to camp after a cool down period, Red threatened to get his stuff and leave. Pastor Jon and Dave convinced him to stay. Dave asked him to stay until the next day because he didn’t want red to leave on his birthday. Red stayed, and talked it out with Aaron mediated by Dave, I was surprised Dave could actually be a good mediator. 

In the midst of all this drama, Amanda decides it’s a great time to announce she’s pregnant! Like it wasn’t clear looking at her, but Aaron was the first to notice. She wanted her baby to be born “in a better place. A place she created.” Great timing Amanda. She’s due in Nov or Dec, not sure if it’s a boy or a girl, she’s “in a relationship.” And she clearly has no idea what she’s planning on doing after the baby comes. The fans are wondering too girl, so plan fast because you only have a few months left!

Josh continues attempting to bond. He’s bonding with Rob, the libertarian. They agree, it looks simple, but it’s not. It’s hot, and dirty. Rob complains it’s hot, it’s dirty and he’s very hungry. We get to find out who Rob actually is yippee! Rob thinks no one should tell him how to live his life. He’s into the beer drinking, truck driving real Americans. “Not the liberal douchebags” His words, not mine.  


Hex and Pastor bond in the barn, but Pastor doesn’t know Hex is an atheist until Hex tells him well into their conversation. You can tell pastor was just holding his tongue. Pastor explains in his youth he was into fighting, cursing so he’s not judging. He’s into sharing “the gospel” and spread his message. Hex compliments him on how he’s respectful, even if they disagree. 

After this Red and Aaron blow up, and they worked it out, Aaron gathers everyone and apologizes. They start talking about making rules. Who knows what will happen next? So much drama, and it’s on twice a week? Score! 


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