Twitter War Erupts Between Jim Marchese & Dina Manzo

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“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Dina Manzo and costar, Jim Marchese are fighting. A Twitter war erupted last night, sparking a feud between the costars.

Dina Manzo was not her typical “zen” self last during the airing of the RHONJ when a scene was shown of Amber Marchese reading a Google Alert on her phone about Teresa pleading guilty. In the scene, Amber is crying and calls Teresa. She ask Tre if the article is true about what’s going on. She’s crying so much she can’t get the words out. Tre says no, the article is false. Amber asked a lot of personal questions about the case and Teresa did not answer anything. Teresa then comments that she appreciates friends like Dina that don’t ask too many questions (pertaining to her legal drama).

BravoTv tweeted Teresa’s quote and Jim  Marchese responded to it:

Jim's tweet 1

Dina Manzo was not happy with Jim’s response and decided to jump in to “defend” her friend with a vile pen*s insult. Jim responded very quickly:

Jim Tweet 2


The two weren’t done, the back and forth mudslinging continued on:

Jim tweets 3

Seems the fight is not over. I just checked and Jim has tweeted:

Jim tweet 4


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