Victory For Joe Gorga In The Tenant Eviction Case!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars, Joe and Melissa Gorga’s tenant eviction case has finally broken new ground with a judge’s ruling on Wednesday. 

Judge Stephen Taylor has ruled that Kai Patterson, will have to pay the reality TV couple $21,496 in unpaid rent and said he will issue a “judgment of possession” for Gorga.

UPDATE: The final order, issued by Judge Stephen Taylor was amended late Thursday evening to $30,821 for Kai Patterson. The judge had previously ruled Patterson must pay $21,496 in unpaid rent and $1,824 in late fees. Patterson and his attorney, Richard Koppenaal, hailed the ruling as a victory. Koppenaal pointed out that Gorga had requested $43,000 to reimburse the legal fees of his three attorneys. That figure includes $20,000 for September’s rent that Patterson has not paid, along with late fees for four months’ rent and about half of a $4,416 water bill that Patterson paid but claimed was entirely Gorga’s responsibility.

Patterson asserts he contends to prevent the eviction by making the full payment by the end of Thursday.

Kai Patterson - Joe Gorga

The Gorga’s attorney will also seek that Patterson cover the Gorga’s legal fees as part of Thursday’s payment. Taylor said he would add that amount to his judgment if Patterson submits a figure early on Thursday and the sum seems reasonable. In a statement, Joe Gorga stated his team plans to go after Patterson on the breach of lease-purchase agreement contract for Patterson’s failure to purchase the property.

After court proceedings, Joe Gorga said:

“The bottom line is, he’s a squatter and a deadbeat.” 

The “RHONJ stars, claim they rented Kai Patterson their Montville, NJ home for $20,ooo a month in a rent-to-buy arrangement for the $3.8 million purchase price. Their tenant is currently 4 months in arrears. According to court docs, Patterson’s rent check bounced in April, then he failed to pay rent in May and June.

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