Breaking News: Teresa and Joe Giudice Sentencing Date Delayed AGAIN!

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Teresa Giudice

According to the New Jersey US Attorney’s office, Teresa and Joe Giudice’s federal fraud sentencing date has once again been postponed.

The new sentencing date has been moved to October 2, 2014. Confirmation of the postponement came today via the New Jersey US Attorney’s Twitter page:


On March 4th, the couple pled guilty to a litany of felony charges; wire fraud, mail fraud, loan application fraud and perjury. The couple stole over $5 million from numerous banks. However, in spite of their legal drama, Teresa and Joe continue to live lavishly, splurging on luxury vacations, expensive gifts and extracurricular activities for their kids. The couple exhibit classic sociopath traits. They have no remorse or guilt for their actions or the people they hurt.

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In a statement to North JerseyTeresa’s attorney, Henry Klingeman clarified the recent postponement:

“Typically, sentencings get postponed so that everybody involved can be fully prepared. The court is waiting on information from all sides – the defense, the government and probation – so it’s been postponed by a couple of weeks.” 

Their original sentencing date was scheduled to occur in 17 days on September 23. Now, the felonious couple will be allowed to spend more time together (as a family) before they learn their fate.

Klingeman said he intends to seek probation for Teresa Giudice.

“The plea agreement permits us to do so and it’s certainly a just sentence under the circumstances,” he said.

The new sentencing date is officially rescheduled to October 2, 2014.

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