Little People, Big World Recap: Big Changes with The Roloff Family

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YAY!! The Roloffs are back! I want to start out by sharing that I LOVE this family. While Matt’s endless pursuit of ambitious, and often seemingly half useless projects, and Amy’s clutterbug housekeeping habits give me anxiety, I find them colorful, fun and real. Matt and Amy Roloff are a little person couple who share four children…Jeremy and Zach, who are twins, Molly, and Jacob. Zach is the only child who is little, the rest are average sized. I am beyond excited to jump into these recaps with both feet…so here goes!

Tonight on TLC’s Little People, Big World, the episode begins with a brief summary of where the family left the viewers. Matt has moved out of the main house and is living in another building on the ranch property. Jeremy shares his excitement about finishing school and making a life commitment to his girlfriend, and Amy and Zach share their personal thoughts about the future, which appears increasingly uncertain.

Little People, Big World

The show opens with Matt sharing that the separation has hit the year mark, but he and Amy have not yet pursued divorce. They are functioning as business partners and parents, and the personal stuff is at a stalemate. Everyone is excited about Jeremy’s upcoming graduation from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, and they are coming together to celebrate. Molly is studying abroad, and won’t be able to be there. Molly is fab, and I will miss seeing her. We then see a quick Skype talk between the twins where Jeremy shares with his bro that he is going to propose to his long term girlfriend, Audrey. Zach is supportive and the scene is full of cute brother love. Amy shares about her longtime dream of owning a restaurant, and her concern about producing her own income. She plans to throw a pop up kitchen for one night at a friend’s restaurant. I am already feeling nervous for her. They all go to Santa Barbara for the big event, and it’s nice to see them traveling together. I am just pretending that the family is together like old times, and I’m fine with my delusion! They flash back to the last time they were there, and it’s a bittersweet moment. We then see Jake, the youngest, speak for the first time…and holy puberty, has he changed! His voice has deepened and he seems like a different person. Where has the time gone?

Little People, Big World
There is a gallery showing at Brooks Institute, and we get to see some of Jeremy’s photography, and art, which is lovely. He seems to have bloomed creatively, and seems pleased with his work. Home movies are shared of Jeremy growing up, and I’m trying not to tear up…it’s sweet. Jeremy receives his diploma…congratulations to Jeremy! Amy jumps on a chair, and waves a sign, and I love it! The whole family is proud, and I am proud of them for coming together as a unit for such a special day.

Amy’s pop up event is coming up, so she is meeting with the restaurant owners to work out the details, and to decide on final recipes. She whips up something with brussel sprouts that my son thinks looks gross. I have no comment.

Jeremy picks up the ring that he has personally designed for Audrey, and we get little peeks into their romance. The proposal suspense is mounting.
Matt and Amy chat about the pop up event, and in spite of some passive aggressive digs here and there, it was a pleasant enough exchange. The big day arrives, and Amy is stressed. She is taking over the place, along with the restaurant’s wait staff and cooks, and with her own menu. The rainy Oregon weather is driving people in early, trays are being dropped, collisions are happening, food’s dumping, and I’m having flashbacks to big dinners at my house. It all looks terrible to me, but things smooth out, and it’s a success in the end. She gushes over how much the kids pitched in to help her, and they all end the evening with a selfie. I am so sick of selfies, I am momentarily horrified, but I pull a T. Swift and shake it off.

Little People, Big World

Jeremy shares how he and Audrey have committed to letter writing, rather than texting and I am impressed. He plans to incorporate their shared thoughts into his proposal. He shares his plans with his parents, and they are excited, because they all love Audrey. Matt passes on doling out marriage advice..probably smart at this point.

Matt wants to spy on them, and makes up excuses to do so. Amy shuts it down, but I would be SO with Matt and his peeky poo plot! The big moment has arrived, and Jeremy and Audrey are sitting in a pretty field while they both take turns typing out a list of wishes and reminders for their relationship. It is young, idealistic, and sweet. Jeremy proposes, she accepts, and it’s all adorable. I briefly drift and think ‘Wow…her hair is the same color as his jacket.’ I am jerked back in time to hear them call Matt and Amy, and everyone is thrilled and excited. Let the wedding planning (and STRESS) begin! The final shot is the happy couple kissing on the railroad tracks…and while I am mildly nauseated by the staged Instagram pic, I am happy for them. Time for a project…a wedding! I can hear Matt’s wheels turning, and hope he’s not drawing up plans for some ginormous wedding cathedral as I write this.



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