Blind Item: Real Drunk Housewife

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Blind Item - Drunk Housewife

*All About The Tea Exclusive*

Sweet mother of pearl!

This wealthy reality TV housewife has certainly seen her troubles in life. She chooses to drown her sorrows by chugging her life away, and it is swiftly catching up with her. She drinks constantly and unfortunately for her, it shows. Her husband tolerates it because he is a dirty hound and doesn’t have a leg to stand on in the integrity department. 

This family is in major turmoil, and is struggling to deal with it.

She often shows up to scenes drunk as a skunk, which forces production to delay taping until she can sober up enough to film. I say just go with it, and plunk her into the scenes where everyone is tanked…there are plenty of those, and it would certainly give the production budget a break.

Who do you think she is?


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