Game of Crowns Finale Recap: Bound by the Crown

Posted on Sep 1 2014 - 12:52pm by Jamie V


Here it is, the end of the road! Let’s enjoy this last trip down crazy-a** lane.

This episode kicks picks right up after last week’s cliffhanger. Who is going to win the Legends competition! To refresh your memory, the top-five included Lori-Ann Marchese, Shelley Carbone, and, drum roll please! Vanassa Sebastian! Honesty time, I probably enjoyed Susanna Paliotta, losing to Vanassa, yet again, more than I probably should. Yet, since she’s proven to be crazy’s right hand man, I can’t help myself. Of course, Susanna, being as rational as she is, believes it’s only because they’re at Foxwood.  

Game of Crowns

Speaking of crazy incarnate, Lynne Diamante, is also knocked out of the competition. Leha Guilmette is enjoying that Lynne lost. Lynne, smiling way too hard, tries to convince us she’s not bothered by losing. She hopes she sent her “followers” a positive message. Who are these “followers?” Are they a part of the Lynnentourage too? 

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for. The winner of the Legends competition. Second runner-up: Lori-Ann. First runner-up: Vanassa. Which means Shelley wins the competition! Thank God! Being a decent human being actually pays off! I’m so happy for her and even Vanassa actually appears happy for her friend. 

Lynne blames losing on the restraining order. I mean, she just couldn’t focus! She is a blue-striped mess. 


It’s now the morning of Leha and Lynne’s court case. Leha is nervous. Lynne maintains that she is completely innocent. Me? I’ve stopped caring about this 3 episodes ago.  For some reason Bravo decided at this point to inject a creepy and awkward scene of Lori-Ann and her husband. You all know how I feel about her, so moving on! 

Instead of going back to the court case, we see Vanassa arriving for a doctor’s appointment. She is going in for her reconstructive surgery. This is a huge step for anyone who was ever diagnosed with Breast-cancer and I’m glad Bravo decided to air some humanizing scenes of Vanassa. 


Back to the court case. Leha’s restraining order against Lynne is thrown out. She’s disappointed, but hopes that Lynne will just stay out of her life. 

Leha and her husband are discussing her future in the pageant world. She’s just not sure if she ever wants to compete again. She’s really starting to milk this. Girl, let it go. She starts crying, and is worried that Lynne’s accusations will harm Nick’s career. 

Now to a ridiculous Susanna scene where she’s proud to tell us all that her platform is anti-bullying. Considering how she lies, spreads rumors, and mocks people every chance she gets, I find this laughable. This woman has no place in being an advocate for anti-bullying. Susanna, take several seats. 


Leha calls Vanassa. She wants to get all the ladies together and just settle everything once and for all. I find this odd. If you’re that scared of Lynne, why go around her? She calls Shelley. She wants her to invite Susanna and Lynne. Poor Shelley

Once all the ladies arrive, things are tense. Lynne actually makes a valid point. I know, I’m shocked too and did check to see if the sky had in fact fallen. She doesn’t understand how just a few days prior Leha was violently afraid of her, but is now suddenly okay to be around her. Touché Lynne, touché. 


Leha starts things off. She feels she had to get a restraining order to protect herself. Lynne challenges this by asking if she’s ever once done anything physical to Leha or even raised her voice for that matter. Leha admits that she hasn’t. Um, what’s going on? Why is Lynne making sense? Then, like a boss, she pulls out the accusations made by Leha and reads them out loud. Lynne came to play. 

Again, Leha, brings up the private investigator. Lynne asks who and Leha says she doesn’t know. Trying to turn the tables, Leha says that if she doesn’t know, then she should be worried that someone is doing this. Nope, Lynne rebuttals, saying she doesn’t worry because she doesn’t live her life in delusion. Damn, however, there are several previous episodes that would say otherwise. 

Game of Crowns

Shelley speaks up and reminds the table that Lynne might’ve had a stalker. Even Vanassa co-signs this. Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good for Leha. Lynne is mad that all of this has been about a supposed stalker and that Leha just jumped to conclusions. She asks Leha why she would’ve needed a private instigator and again, Leha doesn’t have an answer. This isn’t going the way Leha had planned at all. 

Leha, trying to save some face, brings up the false accusation that Lynne made about Nick. Lynne tries to put distance on this issue, because in this case she does look horrible and she knows it. Desperately, she tries to bring up the restraining order and Leha isn’t having it. 


Susanna and Lori-Ann interrupt because they’re hungry. No one pays attention to them. Lynne tells Leha to calm down. Saved by the food! Time for a break. 

After some chow time, Shelley wants to know from Lynne if Nick actually threatened to kill her. Moment of truth. Lynne says she heard what she heard. Leha claims her story changed 5 different times. Leha asks the other women if they heard it. I can’t believe we’ve come back to this. Vanassa states she didn’t hear it. Lynne tries to jump in, asking if Vanassa heard yelling, but as Leha points out, that wasn’t the question. 


Susanna, however says there was a threat. Vanassa reminds the ladies that it wasn’t Nick, and the threat was not to her, but Susanna’s husband. Leha states her husband is a good man and has never touched her. Lynne losing all points, claims she never said that. Um, yes you did. Several times. Nice try though. Leha brings up what Susanna told her about what Lynne said. Something about a bruise. Susanna looks scared. Lynne tries to put the blame on Vanassa who isn’t about to let that happen any time soon. She tells everyone that Susanna was the one who said it. Susanna is mortified. About time she’s been called out. Like Lynne, she tries to blame it on everyone else but herself. 


Shelley, our voice of reason, tries to play peacemaker. Everything has become a he said, she said. She tells Leha that at first, yes, she did feel scared for her and it was a feeling shared by everyone. However, at this point, she no longer feels that Nick would hurt her. Amen, Shelley! She urges Lynne and Leha to just move on. Vanassa asks if they can move forward. Lynne says that she is willing. 


That’s a wrap for the season, and well, I think series. Thank you to everyone who has been there the entire time, reading and supporting these little recaps of mine!

Jamie V 


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  • TartLemon

    Is there a photo available of Vanassa before she started the Wildenstein path of facial reconstruction?

  • distressed

    Jamie, thanks for some great recaps. It must have been a real tough slog through this one, I appreciate it.

    Thank God Shelley won this one.

    I figured something out last night. Van-ASS-a never won a pageant at all, at least not one is this realm. She was first runner up to Shelley for Mrs. CT. Then when Shelley became Mrs. America later that same year the title of Mrs. Connecticut went to VanASSa by default. Total poser.

  • Thanks for an awesome recaps Jamie! It’s been a hell of a ride with these beauty queen heffas. Leha, Vanassa and Shelley are my favs. The rest are cray.

  • Hey Jamie: Great Blog!!

    My breast cancer experience:
    I opted for a double mastectomy for the left breast cancer that I have. When you have a surgeon that does cancer surgery MINE said he could not save the areola or nibbles, so, I have no breast and no
    areola or nibbles.
    You must wait one year for all the scar tissue to settles before you can see the plastic surgeon for reconstructive surgery and at that time you can get breast implants = all 100% covered by medicare/medicaide. I have made 4 appts with plastic surgeon to just get reconstructive surgery with NO breast implants, however, I keep ending up ill and cancelled. I will get around to it some day.

    If you opt for breast removal because you want to be a man like Chaz Bono or because you DNA test came back positive (mine came back negative) the plastic surgeon can remove your breast and because he is a plastic surgeon he can save you areola or nibbles…..This is what my surgeon told me….and my scar is almost 360 degrees all the way around, there is just 4 inches in the back not cut from the cancer surgery. My chest scars look like I have been butchered.

    The surgeon had me wait until my dna cancer test came back before he would do the breast cancer surgery because he said if its positive then they do a hysterectomy at the same time. My test came back negative. I was put on Tomoxiferen, after my Jan 31, 2011 mastectomy surgery. June 25, 2012 I had a hysterectomy from uterine cancer caused by the Tomoxiferen. Then in that Aug/Sept cancer visit the doctor put me on arumidex, which I am still on….Tomox is for people who are not menopausal, whereas, arumidex is for women who are menopausal.

    What I find interesting is all the ladies on reality tv who say they have breast cancer and yet none of them have lymphodema issues. I have lymphedema issues bad. So bad that my left arm is twice the size of my right arm. During surgery the doctor removed 8 lymph nodes. I asked him ahead of time to remove the least amount. At the time of my surgery the recommended was 20. I think it has changed to a lower number. My cancer treatments are twice a week for lyphedema treatments. Pool therapy works the best.

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  • Shelley, Mrs. A 2011

    I’m a little late joining this party! Ha! I just stumbled upon this site…love it! Thank you, Jamie V, for recapping the show with such precision and clarity! Honestly, I am thrilled I wasn’t the only one that saw it that way!
    Just an FYI for “distressed”…Vanassa was my third runner up at Mrs. CT in 2010 (I say fourth runner up in the show, my bad) and then she competed again in 2012 and won the title. She placed in the top 10 at Mrs. America. A poser is one thing she is not! 🙂