Nancy Grace Slams Teresa Giudice & Wendy Feldman Responds!

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Reportedly, Teresa Giudice, star of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” thinks the judge won’t send her sorry butt to prison because she’s a mother of four daughters.

The convicted felon is still carrying on like she doesn’t have a worry in the world. The reality star continues to promote her products, make appearances, go on beach getaways, shopping trips and partying; despite facing the possibility of going to prison.


Teresa Giudice

Of course, not everyone is convinced that fallen RHONJ star will get off scot-free without serving time. Nancy Grace, the acid-tongue HLN host did a small segment this week discussing the matter. Nancy had two guests on to also weigh in on the case, attorney, Michael Mazzariello and Hollywood Reporter, Chloe Melas.

Nancy was her usual vocal self and snarked:

“While Teresa was supposed to be grieving, she threw a big party at a nightclub in Parsippany where you got an appetizer and a Fabellini for $100.” 

Nancy expressed utter disgust that Teresa Giudice has been bragging she’ll never do jail time because she has four daughters. When attorney, Michael Mazzariello told Nancy, “Teresa is a great mother,” Nancy exploded with emotion and snapped back:

“You can not claim she’s a great mom and she tried to swindle the government out of 5 million and she’s preaching materialism to her daughters.”

Chloe Melas of the Hollywood Reporter dropped an exclusive bombshell telling viewers, if Teresa does go to jail, she wants her brother, Joe Gorga and his wife, Melissa Gorga to take care of her four daughters while she’s away.

Watch the video below:


Watching all this play out on television was Teresa Giudice’s Crisis PR Manager, Wendy Feldman and she was not pleased with Nancy’s comments. Wendy took to Twitter to blast Nancy, tweeting:

Wendy Feldman

Wendy was not satisfied there, she followed up with the following tweet, which some people responded to slamming her remarks:

Wendy Feldman Tweet 2

Nancy Grace did not respond to Feldman’s unprofessional and childish digs. Considering Wendy Feldman is a PR manager, she’s certainly not setting a good example for herself or her clients by attacking a journalist with unprofessional and irrational outbursts.


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