Real Housewives of Atlanta Filming In Puerto Rico & It’s a Rumble in the Jungle! [Season 7 Spoilers]

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Just to recap, I can confirm the following details of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”  season 7 :

  • Newcomers, Claudia Jordan and Demetria Mckinney are introduced to the group
  • The ladies are split this season: Team Talls Mix versus Team Smalls
  • Apollo’s criminal case will be the center of his and Phaedra’s storyline
  • Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leakes are no longer friends but hash things out later in the season and sort of reconcile
  • Nene and Phaedra threaten to quit the show: Supposedly, Nene hates the new women and Phaedra claims the stress of Apollo’s legal mess is getting to her
  • Kenya Moore is not speaking to Porsha Williams post reunion fight
  • Kenya Moore form an alliance with Claudia JordanDemetria Mckinney and Cynthia Bailey 
  • The ladies take a trip to Puerto Rico together

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.09.02 AM

Phaedra Parks has revealed on Twitter season 7 of the RHOA will premier on November 9.

As per usual, the housewives take their annual girl’s trip together well outside of their zip code.

This year, the ladies fly out to Puerto Rico for a few days of filming. I’ll go ahead and assume that since the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” also spent their girl’s trip in Puerto Rico, Bravo has a two-for-one deal with the Puerto Rico Tourism Board.

According to my insider, the housewives stayed at the Hilton Condado Resort in San Juan, PR. My source added that all hell breaks loose in paradise.

According to my inside source:

“The two new cast members are ripping Nene a new one!” The source added, “Nene has been yelling at production and having complete meltdowns.”


As usual Nene is serving queen bee realness and is demanding the newbies to “bow down bitches,” says my source. Nene is not laying out the red carpet for rookies, Claudia and Demetria and has shown them zero respect.


In an ironic twist, former frenemies, Nene and Phaedra Parks have joined forces in a united front. The ladies have grown close since their planned “take down” of Kenya Moore at the season 6 reunion and it’s Nene/Phaedra versus Claudia JordanDemetria Mckinney, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey.


Since arriving in Puerto Rico, the ladies have been posting pictures on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.36.21 AM

As we previously reported, Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leakes had a major breach in their friend contract and as a result, Cynthia signed new friendship contracts with fellow models Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore.


Are you excited for the upcoming season and the fresh new faces? Do you think the new ladies can hold their own against the vets? Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments.


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