Exclusive: Ellen Minkin Used Rosie Pierri To Get On The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fan favorite Rosie Pierri proudly introduced her girlfriend, Ellen Minkin to friends and family on a recent episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Well since that episode aired, Ellen Minkin has publicly expressed regrets over appearing on the show and even stated she felt manipulated. Since taping the show, the couple have broken up and both have given conflicting reports as to what exactly led to the break up.

Rosie took to her Twitter to reveal she is delighted the relationship is over. The RHONJ star says she’s currently single and and  ready to move on and date others. 

According to a show insider, the couple filmed together five times and appeared to be a happy couple. The source tells us however, Ellen exhibited signs of a being an opportunist and using Rosie to gain exposure from being on the show.

The source dished:

“Ellen did it [the relationship with Rosie] to get on the show clearly using her [Rosie]. It looked like Ellen was leading Rosie on.”

The source went on to say, at one particular Project Ladybug event held at the Brownstone, Bravo cameras were present and Rosie and Ellen appeared to be in a genuine relationship. Ellen held Rosie’s hand and the couple shared intimate details of their relationship with fellow party-goers. Ellen discussed introducing Rosie to her kids and expressed that her kids love and respect Rosie. Ellen gushed over Rosie when the cameras were present however once the cameras moved away she seemed less interested, according to our source. 

Ironically, Ellen accuses Rosie of using her for the show and making the relationship appear more serious than it was to boost ratings.

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