Shannon Beador Slams Tamra Judge “Tamra’s A Pot Stirrer”

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The claws came out during the first installment of the “Real Housewives of Orange County reunion last night. Host Andy Cohen began the episode by stirring the pot, showing clips of Eddie reminiscing on Lizzie’s well-endowed breasts and the Kentucky Fried Tits comment.

Once again, Shannon Beador came under fire from Tamra Judge (and Heather) during the  reunion. Clearly, the women’s motives were to bring her down all season.

Opening up in her new Bravo blog, Shannon addresses Tamra’s shady remarks and Heather Dubrow’s half-hearted apology.

“Tamra was absolutely a “pot stirrer” this season. She went back and forth between Heather and I at many different points. It doesn’t matter what excuse Tamra gives for going to Heather with information about David’s email, I do not believe that she betrayed my trust because she was looking out for my best interest. It was never in my best interest for Heather to know anything about the short argument I had with my husband or the email that he sent me. I am tired of Tamra insinuating that I am a “liar”, “crazy,” and have a “drinking problem.”  I don’t use alcohol as an excuse for forgetting things this season — but Tamra has on more than one occasion. Tamra insinuates that I am “crazy” because I had one outburst at Lizzie’s party, yet Tamra can scream over and over again. And what is truly troublesome to me is that she swears on her children that she never said Terry wanted to “take the Beadors down” when Vicki confirmed that she actually did say it.”

Shannon, clashed with Heather throughout the season, and during the reunion, the co-stars once again came to blows over their fractured friendship.

“Heather apologized to me numerous times in this episode, which might give for hope for a future relationship with her. The problem I have is that the apologies came with a “but” or some sort of excuse attached to it. Heather said that she felt “picked on” by Vicki and Tamra to explain some of her behavior towards me. If she felt “isolated from everyone,” why didn’t she take the advice that she has repeated multiple times this season and “go to the source”? I never heard the theory of being “ridiculous, sensitive, and prickly” when I had a sit down meeting with Heather to clear the air. Heather wrote in a blog that I had an “outburst” at Javier’s that was “scary.” As I tried to clarify what she meant, Heather said that “in her mind” things were “bigger than they were”, so apparently that made everything acceptable when she apologized.”

Shannon believes Heather had an agenda to malign her character.

“I believe that Heather had some sort of agenda with me in different parts of the season. On multiple occasions, she constantly repeated the same term to “describe” my character –“scary angry” and “yelling” at the forefront. And now, six months after Heather’s repeated belief that I “yelled” at her at my Christmas party, she confirms that I did NOT yell and that it was a “misfortunate choice of words” (a “misfortunate choice of words” that was used over and over again. . .). It is bizarre to me that Heather believes she can deliver what I consider to be a qualified apology and expect instantaneous forgiveness. I just wanted a moment to process and understand it all. I wish it had been that easy for me when I apologized to her continuously throughout the season. Double standard.”


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