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Jersey Belle Recap: Secrets Of The South [Episode 4]

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Jersey Belle

On this week’s episode of “Jersey Belle” we join Jaime in the car. She’s talking on the phone with “J.” “J” is the pregnant woman Jaime met in New Orleans who is considering giving her baby to Jaime. No promises have been made, but Jaime is sending her some prenatal vitamins even though she hasn’t discussed any of this with her husband, Michael yet. Jaime pulls up to Danielle’s house – who looks great post surgery – and shares the entire story of meeting “J” in New Orleans and asking for her baby. Danielle smiles and calmly nods, but says nothing to Jaime about how crazy this sounds. Danielle saves that for her talking head interview.

Jersey Belle

Arden is back from her honeymoon cooking rack of lamb for her husband, William. A few pictures are shown of the honeymoon and comments are made about William’s small Viking oven. They talk about building a new home, but William doesn’t want an unnecessarily large house. The size of the house needs to be conducive to the number of children they have. Is it me, or is someone obsessed with size?

Jersey Belle - Arden

The girls show up to Jaime and Scarlett’s office for #friendsfriday. This is when the girls get together for cocktails and hear what’s on Jaime’s mind. Leigh Ann, Scarlett, Luci, and Danielle are there. Jaime tells the girls that she’s been speaking with her new friend in New Orleans which is code for baby-mamma. Luci asks if Jaime has discussed this with Michael yet. Jaime detects judgment. Luci says no judgment, until she learns Jaime has not told Michael, then gives her judgment. Jaime teaches a Marriage 101 Class – How to talk to your husband and get what you want: Make sure he’s naked. 

Jersey Belle - Scarlett

That evening when Michael comes home, Jaime can’t find the words to tell him about the adoption option. She tells him instead to go change his clothes so she can make a phone call. No, Jaime. You were supposed to tell him to take his clothes off, remember? (Sorry ladies – I tried.)

After a scene with Danielle and Bart taking care of their doggy-babies, Sweet Pea and Willie, we join Haley and Luci shopping. Haley tells Luci that Brooks has been sending texts about her. Luci is flattered, but doesn’t really know Brooks. Haley says she will be her wingwoman for the date. We also learn that Haley isn’t wearing a bra and her perky tits are making Luci feel deflated – literally. 

Jaime is on the phone with her bff Tracey from Jersey telling her about chickening out on telling Michael about the baby she wants to adopt. Tracey encourages her to do it soon. It was not a coincidence that Jaime just happened to run into these pregnant women in New Orleans and ask them if they were keeping their babies. It’s fate. Tracey offers to call Mikey for Jaime. Jaime declines the offer.

Jersey Belle

Luci arrives home from work to her three rambunctious kids and her nanny, Tiffany. Tiffany has a look on her face that says, “Something bad happened, but I’m not going to tell you about it in front of the cameras.” There is a pot roast in a crock pot that Luci forgot about. Score! They get to eat. In a TH Luci tells us that when she left her husband she had no money and no income, but found a job in one month. She feels that being a single-mom in Mountain Brook is “suffocating” because her kids will not get an iPhone and 10 and a BMW at 16. First of all, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And second, you don’t know what the future has in store for you. 

Jersey Belle

“J” calls Jaime and tells her that she is feeling blue and crying a lot. Jaime tells her she’s an amazing woman for considering giving her baby away and that even if she changes her mind, Jaime will still be there for her. 

Luci, Scarlett, and Leigh Ann are gossiping having fellowship time about Jaime’s predicament. They discuss how busy Jaime is and how she takes many last minute trips for business. Somebody needs to tell Jaime the truth. Leigh Ann and Scarlett elect Luci. Luci says if she wasn’t terrified of Jaime, she would tell Michael. Not a good idea, Luci. Jaime will go Jersey without the Belle on you! 

We watch another failed attempt for Jaime to speak to Michael about her news, but their adorable children want to play, sit on daddy’s lap, and talk all at the same time. Jaime says that she can’t talk with three kids in the room. Umm, hello? Try having a conversation with four kids in the room.

Luci and Haley meet Brooks for their date. After Luci explains that she loves doing laundry because she likes it done a certain way, Haley asks how she likes her men a certain way. Unfortunately Luci doesn’t say, starched and pressed. The question is too deep for her, but not for Brooks. Brooks likes his women with more morals than he has. Also, he likes that his grandma does his laundry and feeds him. And by the way, he’s 22. Thanks for sharing, Brooks. Buh-bye! 

We are back at Jamie’s house where Luci has arrived to confront her on this fourth baby idea. Luci delicately tells Jaime that she’s too busy, but it quickly takes a downward turn and Jaime accuses Luci of selfishly not wanting her to have a fourth child since Luci can’t have a fourth. Ouch! Luci calmly explains that although her marriage ended, she was a stay-at-home mom who had time for the kids. Double ouch! Luci says she’s worried about Jaime. Jaime says she is passionate about having a fourth child. 

On the way to the bonfire that Arden and William are hosting, Jaime and Michael are in the car alone. This is Jaime’s chance to bring it up. But does she? No. When William digs up the bourbon they buried before the wedding, their friends start calling out marriage advice. Communicate. Don’t use sex as a weapon. Have sex every two weeks. Have sex every two days. Then Jaime gives a speech about putting each other first so the children can grow up seeing unity between the parents. It’s hard to believe Michael wasn’t tipped off at this point. Arden is and flat out asks Michael if they are having another child. Michael says, not to his knowledge. Didn’t someone just say how important communication was?

Jersey Belle

Jersey Belle

The following day, Jaime goes to Michael’s office to finally have the talk. She wants to complete their story with a fourth child. Michaels says it’s not his dream. He says vasectomy reversals aren’t a simple process at his age (50). Jaime mentions adoption. Michael says adoptions can take years. Jaime smiles like the kid who ate the last cookie. After sharing the details about New Orleans, Michael says that only Jaime would ask a complete stranger for her baby. Adoption or no adoption, Michael isn’t sure about a 4th child, but he is willing to look into it further. Jaime tells him she meant to have sex with him the night before so he would be in a good mood, but was too tired when he finally came to bed. Michael says this is the story of his life – especially once they add that fourth baby!

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