Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Victoria Gotti Drops A Bombshell [Episode 7]

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We begin this episode with Amber going to visit Melissa at her rented house. Despite their differences ever since reuniting a few months ago, Amber has learned that Melissa’s dear aunt passed a way from cancer. Amber feels especially connected because, well, she too had “the cancer.” Melissa says that she was very close to her aunt. She has talked to the boys about the loss in their family but they don’t understand. Antonia however does. Melissa thanks Amber again for coming over and bringing chicken soup.

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and Santa, Nicole and Tuh-ressa’s mom wants to know what Bobby’s intentions are towards her daughter, Nicole. They’ve been dating almost a year and if he is going to hang on to his bachelor status like he has for the past ten years, it’s time for Nicole to cut him loose and move it along. She isn’t getting any younger.

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Melissa goes to visit Teresa on a Friday night. Joe has taken his four daughters on a date while Tre was sitting alone autographing her books because the bookstore wanted her too. They play around with one another laughing about drinking wine; have dim lighting and a fire in the fireplace while lying together on the couch. I’ll admit it was nice to see them like that. Teresa wants Melissa to watch The Godfather since she has never seen it. Teresa says it shows the true meaning of family except for the killing of course. She tells Melissa that once she watches it, she will understand where Teresa has been coming from all this time.

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Nicole goes to her twin sister’s house. Tuh-ressa reiterates what their mother said about Bobby. As script fate would have it, Bobby sends her a photo of himself in his fireman outfit. Nicole decides to take some sexy photos and text them to Bobby. She wears one of Tuh-ressa’s red dresses and heels with a fire hat sitting next to the fire in the fireplace. Bobby texts her back right away after seeing the photos and says he will be right over. “That’s my first responder,” says Nicole.

Speaking of sexy photos, Melissa decides to pull a Yolanda Foster and take some to put in a book and give to Joe for Valentine’s Day. She hires a photographer and has her sisters over while she poses in different sexy outfits.

Over at Teresa and Joe’s house, he is sitting in his home office with piles of paperwork everywhere. Teresa walks in requesting they have a meeting. She has a small calendar and wants to put in dates of appearances which she made it sound like for her brand of things she is selling, but I think it was more for court appearances. Again, they talk about the good team they have. Teresa admits that her businesses are suffering because of their legal problems. Of course it doesn’t really have anything to do with HER but rather, that mean prosecutor who had the nerve to file charges against her and her honey! Milania comes in and starts’ scribbling in Teresa’s little calendar and then decides to paint papers with white-out. Meeting is adjourned!

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Joe Gorga says he isn’t very good at verbally expressing his feelings. He feels bad that Melissa lost her aunt and wants to bring a smile to her and the kids. He gets out of his truck and zips up his coat. Once inside the kitchen he says he doesn’t feel so good. As he unzips his coat, he pulls out a cute little black puppy! Melissa is thrilled and sweet Antonia starts to tear up. Melissa is surprised that Joe picked out the puppy all by himself. They think about what to name him. Gino suggests they name it “Gino Smith.” Melissa jokes with Antonia that it is another boy in the house. Joe says he couldn’t stand to have another female.

It’s Valentine’s Day and poor Dina is stuffing herself with chocolates and lying under a red light to help her mood. Earlier she met with her divorce attorney and cried about the end of her marriage to Tommy and her child bearing years. She doesn’t want to do anything about the divorce until Lexi goes to college. So she decides to face time her 24-year old gay assistant who begins to cry after hearing Dina’s sob story.

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Melissa and Joe are having a romantic dinner at a restaurant. They discuss all of the projects that Joe is involved in. Melissa is afraid that Joe will be missing these years with the kids because of his busy schedule. She tells us that once he took Joey to school and it wasn’t even the right school. He called her and asked her where the f*ck he went to school. After they eat, a waiter brings a box and presents it to Joe. He opens it to see the sexy photos of Melissa. He tells Melissa that he would get up and give her a kiss, but he can’t for obvious reasons.

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Nicole, Bobby, Tuh-ressa, Rino, Santa and Sal are also celebrating Valentine’s Day at Rino’s restaurant. Everyone is dressed in red except for Bobby and Sal. They all reminisce about their favorite moments together as a couple. Tuh-ressa and Rino met when they were 18, married and divorced at 28 and then re-married years later. She doesn’t care that he slept with strippers.

Nicole says her mom wants to know if Bobby will be a forever bachelor. He will not be pressured into marrying anyone! He wants to go at his own pace. They talk about when they met; Nicole said she was going to have to kiss a lot of frogs before she met her prince. He told her that she won’t need to kiss anymore frogs. Awwwww. Hey talk is cheap Bobby; put a ring on it already.

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Next we see Teresa at one of her book signings. For some odd reason, Amber is there. She tells us that Jim doesn’t want her hanging around the Giudice’s because of their charges and reputations.  After a couple autographs and photographs, Victoria Gotti walks in. She goes to the head of the line, and begins talking to Teresa leaving her “fans” waiting. She invites Amber and Teresa to her home for wine and conversation. Suddenly, the event is over and all of the fans have gone away.

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They arrive at Gotti’s house and Amber is nervous what Jim is going to say when he learns where she is. Victoria preaches to Teresa about ignoring the negative press and friends. Teresa says that whoever isn’t for her is just jealous. YES SHE SAID THAT! Oh to be in her delusional mind for just a day. Victoria asks Amber if she is friends with the twins. She says that she has been for a few years. Victoria says she has known Rino for a very long time.

She proceeds to tell them about the time she met Rino at his restaurant. She was single and so was he. He flirted with her and a few weeks later, when she was hospitalized; she was coming to and found Rino in her hospital room. He presented her with Rolex watch which she of course, turned down. While they never dated, they did become good friends.

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Such great friends in fact, that Victoria starts talking about when Rino and Tuh-ressa divorced. She says that Rino confided some things to her and said that if Tuh-ressa knew who he hooked up, she would never forgive him. The girls think that it was her twin, Nicole. Nope that’s not it! It was their mother, Santa! Amber covers her mouth like she is holding back vomit and Teresa says “what?” in her high pitched screech.


Next week we see Teresa and Joe going to the courthouse to meet with the Judge and finally admit their guilt.

Until then, Reality LuLu


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