Tamra Is Confronted on Her “Take the Beadors down” Lie At RHOC Reunion

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In a newly released preview video of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” reunion, Tamra Judge is finally being called out on her lies.

The ladies try to get to the bottom of the “Take the Beadors down” comment and what Tamra Judge did or didn’t say.

The husbands join their wives on the couch and noticeably missing is Eddie Judge. Season 9 of the RHOC  just concluded and  rumors have been running rampant that Tamra and her house husband, Eddie Judge are on the brink of divorce. Eddie’s absence at the reunion seems to confirm trouble in paradise rumors.

In the following clip, host Andy Cohen, confronts Tamra about the “Take the Beadors down,” comment that fueled a big commotion at Lizzie’s dinner party meltdown. Tamra had the nerve to say she swears to God and on her children she never said that. Obviously Tamra doesn’t believe in God so the swearing doesn’t count. After being challenged, Tamra of course tried to deflect the blame onto Shannon, saying she drinks and twist things.

Watch the preview clip here:


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