Teresa Giudice Takes Ice Bucket Challenge with Claims of Making Donations Despite Owing Creditors $13.4 Million

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Teresa Giudice

As we reported yesterday, every Bravolebrity and their mother are doing the the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge,” the challenge for charity sweeping the nation.

Now, convicted felon, Teresa Giudice, has hopped on the “publicity” bandwagon getting soaked in ice water and making claims of donating to the ALS Association.

Naturally, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star videotaped the event and posted it on her Instagram with the following caption:

thank you Dawn DeAngelo and all my fans for nominating me for the ALS ice bucket challenge! I would like to nominate Linda Berger, Josephine Adornetto, Teresa Petrozullo, and @nicolepeepas I am also donating to the ALS foundation! Everyone please donate and support this cause!”

On March 4, the couple pleaded guilty to a litany of serious felonies; wire fraud, mail fraud, loan application fraud and perjury. Teresa and her husband, Joe, stole over $5 million from numerous banks. However, in spite of their legal drama, Teresa and Joe continue to live lavishly, splurging on luxury vacations, expensive gifts and extracurricular activities for their kids. The couple exhibit classic sociopath traits. They have no remorse or guilt for their actions or the people they hurt.

Judging from Teresa’s criminal history with stealing from banks and creditors, I’ll hold my breath on her making donations to any charity. 

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Seriously, does Teresa Giudice even know the meaning of ALS or why she took the “Ice Bucket” challenge? Will this be a repeat of the cash only, no receipts incident? Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments.

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