Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: The Family Business [Episode 6]

I began writing about people that put themselves on Reality Television 3 years ago after my son was in a car accident. I needed something to do when I became his primary caregiver.


Melissa and Joe Gorga are back to the auto dealership. At first they joke about whether or not Melissa wrecked the Bentley again but then they quickly get down to the real reason they are there. How do they turn the Government shredder truck they purchased from a Smurf looking blue to something that will “WOW” people when they see it? Melissa has the perfect idea. She wants the truck to have wings! Seriously, she wanted wings on the truck with the slogan “Going green gives you wings.”


Joe tells us that he trusts her opinions. She says they work great together. When they first started dating she would organize his paperwork for the jobs he was doing at the time. They are 50/50 in this shredding business. While touring the place that got them started in their new venture, Melissa was acting like she had just experienced her first orgasm, which of course made Joe more excited than he normally is.

Rino and Tuh-ressa are having a dinner party and the whole gang is coming. Except of course Jim and Amber because, well, they are douchebags who spread lies about Nicole being a homewrecker and he talks down to women – if he is standing on a step stool. Who wants the likes of “them” when you can have two convicted felons in your presence?


Everyone starts arriving at the restaurant. Even Kathy and Richie are there along with Rosie and her new girlfriend, Ellen. They met in a bar Rosie tells us when she was canvassing the bar, she saw Ellen out of the corner of her eye, and swept in for the kill. Don’t’ get too excited, Rosie announced on Twitter that they are no longer together.

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When Melissa and Joe arrive, Melissa tells the twins that she doesn’t want to be in the middle of the feud between them and Amber. She met with Amber and wants everyone to squash this and move forward. She suggests they have a sit down but keep her out of it. Nicole tries to tell her that she is already in the middle but Mel says only because she put her there.


Amber and Jim decide to have a viewing party for their new commercial with friends who won’t pull her hair. “I need to be around people who love and adore me and just block everything else out,” Amber tells us.


Next, Rino and Tuh-ressa are visiting the site where they are building their new restaurant. You know the one that their son Giovanni will someday take over, because it is his passion and he is a natural! I’ve said it before but am I the ONLY one that thinks Gio would rather hook up with Albie Manzo and start a car wash/stripper business? It is a big problem getting from the car to the building because of the mud. Rino has surgery booties over his shoes, but Tuh-ressa does not and is complaining that her $1800 Jimmy Choo boots are going to get ruined. She hops on Rino’s back so he can carry her the rest of the way.

Anyways, along for the tour is Tuh-ressa’s Dad, Sal, because he is a genius when it comes to business. Tuh-ressa really wants the kitchen in the back of the house but she can’t get a word in edgewise between her very Italian father and husband. They discuss the pros and cons between building new and taking over an existing structure. To me it sounded like they still hadn’t decided. If that was the case, why the new construction? I also want you all to ponder on Rino’s business philosophy that he is passing on to his son. “Success leads to money, money leads to any freaking woman in the world that you want.” YES, he actually said that.


Hey it’s Gia’s 13th Birthday. Unlike past years when Teresa went all out spending thousands and thousands of funds they received illegally, Gia doesn’t want a party this year. Teresa tells us that you don’t need materialistic things. All you need is love. I know, I know, she REALLY overplayed that one for the public and Judge Salas. Teresa is all over Gia who looks like she wants to go all Lizzie Borden on her ass.

Teresa goes to find the present she is giving to Gia but can’t find it. Someone hid it in the refrigerator. One guess who that was. Yep, Milania. I’m surprised she even fessed up as to where she hid it. Teresa and Joe are alone with Gia and give her the small box. Teresa says it was her mothers. Gia opens it to find a HUGE diamond ring. She looked like “WTF am I supposed to do with this?” She gives a meek thank you then Teresa leaves to allow Joe and Gia to talk alone.


Joe starts talking about how old Gia is getting and wants to know if she has kissed a boy yet. After she admits to a kiss on the cheek, he wanted to know who the boy was. She wasn’t giving answers, especially on national television. He then tells her that she needs to be a good role model for her younger sisters because they will be looking to her as an example.

Dina, the Zen Queen, has decided that in order for Teresa to look forward, she needs to create a “vision board.” She invited Teresa over and they chit chat while Teresa reluctantly cuts out a couple things from a magazine and puts them on a cork board. The biggest word is “FREEDOM.” Yeah, that joke tells itself.


Teresa explains to Dina that she was driving around and looking at other houses. She says that she isn’t afraid to downsize and that all they (she, Joe and the kids) need is love. They don’t need all of the “stuff.” I wonder how long it took her PR rep, Wendy Feldman, to convince her to actually say those words because you know darn well, Teresa didn’t mean it. After all, living in other people’s homes is gross according to Teresa just a year ago.

Nicole is shown at her office where she works as a jet broker. That is a person that makes reservations for CEO’s, celebrities and other important people for their own private jet. She tells us that when she is at work she is a totally different person. She is a serious business woman.  She finds a toy that she thinks is cute, asks what they are all doing for lunch, and heckles other people at the office. Yes, she is such a professional.


She decides to call Amber and put her on speakerphone so the whole damn office can hear how Amber done her wrong. Amber was very put-offish and wanted to know the reason Nicole would want to get together. Their voices get raised when they rehash why the fight even started in the first place. Amber agrees to meet her but not before she made it known that “It’s going to take a lot for me to sit across the table from you!” Much like when Danielle Staub agreed to meet Caroline Manzo at a restaurant, they have someone drive them to the place and wait in the parking lot. Instead of a hired thug however, they have their significant other just in case things go awry.


Nicole wastes no time and gets right to the point. “Why would you try to slander my name so bad, since you were supposed to be my friend?” Amber tells her that she had heard from a lot of people that Nicole broke up a family. Nicole insists that it is a lie, a “horrific” lie. Amber tries to put a lot of the blame on Melissa.


They also discuss the things that Amber said about Bobby, Nicole’s boyfriend. After a lot of back and forth, they both apologize and agree to move forward. Amber tells Nicole “We need to get your reputation back intact and my credibility back intact.” Nicole tells us that she saw/felt genuine remorse in Amber.

To me the best part of this episode was the little blip between commercials when Teresa says that she is “all about structure and discipline” as the camera shows Milania tumbling down the stairs. “Except,” she continues, “With Milania. I just let her be her.” Has anyone actually seen Teresa discipline those kids? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


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