Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Flipping Out [Episode 6]

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Back from vacation we see Brielle and Ariana in their yard. Brielle is attempting to learn how to do cartwheels. Ariana is the gymnast in the family.

Next we are in the kitchen where Ariana is discussing her love for Justin Bieber -specially a shirtless JB. Kim tells us that she is very boy crazy at only 12 years old. Side note: I’ve seen Ariana’s Twitter. She is obsessed and hopefully Kim and Kroy monitor her because she is often tweeting legal aged boys asking them to follow her or face time her. She’s asking for trouble.

Don't Be Tardy

Moving on, Brielle announces that she has decided to try out for the cheerleading squad. The entire family is stunned. Kim wants to know what her ulterior motive is. Brielle insists that she is serious about this. Kroy tells her that if she is, then she must stick it out and he will not allow her to quit. Kim also says that her motto has always been once you start something you must finish it. Ahem, what about the book about ‘How to land your own Big Papa’ or her ‘wig line’ or the ‘watch collection’ – all things she had said on past reunion shows of the Real Housewives of Atlanta that she said she was working on. But I digress…

Don't Be Tardy
Brielle says cheerleading will look good on her resume for college. True extra-curricular activities are one thing colleges look at on the APPLICATION but it isn’t as important as, say, GRADES!  Kroy tells her that if she doesn’t follow through on this then he owns her for 1000 hours. She must work for him and do whatever he asks of her. Nanny Lana announces she knows how to do the splits and down she goes. Brielle tries and looked like she almost broke a leg. She needed help getting back up. Then Jam came in and showed them ALL how to do it. She was a cheerleader once. Oh so was Kim but she did it just for the uniform which by the way, is why Brielle wants to do it. The skirts are cute.

Don't Be Tardy
Brielle needs to learn how to do a back hand spring and has decided to get help from the local gymnastics center. The instructor was all kinds of giddy which totally creeped me out. Brielle tried and tried to do a back flip into a soft pile of foam balls. I cringed every time as she landed on her head a lot and I was worried about a spinal injury. That’s the medical assistant in me by the way.

Meanwhile the rest of the family was enjoying time in the backyard swimming pool. Arianna wants her friend to spend the night. Kim says no. Kroy said he already said no. Brielle returns from the gymnastic center all excited. She is positive she is going to do this and wear that cheerleading skirt ever so proudly! She tells Kim and Kroy that she and her friend will be enrolling in private lessons because she doesn’t want to be in a class with a bunch of 6-year olds. She just wants them to support her – both financially and emotionally.

We see Brielle and Arianna at the center. Arianna is hitting the parallel bars. She looks very skilled at it. Kim and Kroy walk in to surprise them. Kim is yelling her support to Arianna who tells her to shush. Then Brielle shows them how she has almost perfect the back flip. Kroy challenges Kim to do a push up. She tells us she doesn’t do anything with an “up” in it – push up, sit up or pull up. Kroy helps her and she started to sweat. So HOW did she lose all the baby weight again? Things that make you go hmmmm.

Don't Be Tardy
Back at home Kim has a new chef and her name is Tracy. I wonder how long she will last. Meanwhile we get snippets of tons of phone calls from Kim’s friend Jen who is 43 years old and pregnant with her first child. She tells Kim that she heard if you sleep on your back you can kill the baby and if you poop the baby could come out. (Someone needs to teach Jen about the female anatomy). She also wants to know if she should have sex at this stage in her pregnancy because she doesn’t want the “bubble” that the baby is in to burst. Also, she is on her way to see the OB/GYN but her legs are super hairy. Kim, being the pregnancy pro, has answers for everything as only Kim would.

A few days later, a defeated Brielle comes to announce that she was supposed to undergo a physical before cheerleading tryouts and she missed the cut off date. She tries to blame it on Sweetie because she had the paper and NO she didn’t read the rules.

Kroy tells her that she owes him 1000 hours working as his assistant. She wants to know why he doesn’t have a secretary. Kim tells her he doesn’t work in an office. Brielle’s first order of business for Kroy is to find his phone. Brielle is hoping that Kim can talk to Kroy and get him to lighten up on her.

Next week we see Kim set up Nanny Lana with a blind date. What could possibly go wrong?

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